In June of 1945, 25 men from various segments of industry met at the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx for a week of training to learn how to deal with equipment and the men who operate and repair it. At the end of the week, a decision was made to continue to meet with the intent of exchanging ideas.

In September of 1945 the SFS was born. Our first President was Ed Terhume of Socony Oil, Ray Connolly of Third Avenue Transit as Vice President, and the office of Secretary, was filled by Tom Berk, the Safety Director of Met Life. The first meeting was held in a room provided by UPS and later moved to the Presidential Cafeteria in Manhattan.

Our earliest meetings saw the need for establishing committees and quickly set up Arrangements, Membership, Constitution, and Programs. It was imperative, at this point, to have had formal training in fleet management through one of many schools before an application would be entertained. This one item severely limited Membership and was soon rescinded.

Initiation fees and Membership dues of $10.00 and $6.00 soon required the need for a Treasurer. Our first was Phillip Albo who was a Night Supervisor for Francis H. Leggiti & Co.

During our first year, a suitable insignia was developed; the wheel. It was chosen very specifically.

Christmas parties have been with us from the beginning. The very first was held in the home of Bart Amendola of Macy's but as we grew, it was moved to hotels in Manhattan, Howard Johnson's in Rego Park, and later to Eisenhower Park.

June picnics were also decided in the beginning and our founders visited Plattsdeutsch Park, Montauk and the Catskills.

Membership was always a problem gave birth to the Associate Member. They were, and do remain today, our "missionaries in the field" spreading the word and our goals.

Our second President was Ray Connolly, but little is known from here on through the early 70's except the names of our past Presidents.


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