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April 2010


I am proud to say that the turnout for our March General Meeting was amazing!  We had approximately 90 attendees.  We also inducted a few new Members.

The Executive Board, along with the help of some of our Members spreading the word, has brought the Society many new Members and we are grateful!

I would especially like to thank Michael Cafiero, our 2nd Vice President, and Member Harry Cain for an outstanding job!!!

Our Kiddy Picnic is set for June 6, 2010 at Eisenhower Park, "Cherry Section".  I hope to see you all there and thank you to those that have once again been very generous with their donations, especially during these rough economic times.

Thank you again and I hope to see you all at the next General Meeting, Wednesday April 21, 2010.

Happy Holidays to all.


The Society’s next general meeting is April 21st and I am looking forward to seeing you all there.  We are at the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston, NY through the May meeting on the third Wednesday of each month.

Please remember that our Cocktail Hour begins at 6:00 PM and the doors for the Membership will open at 6:00 PM.

It was good to see a total of nine Students at the March meeting.  Seven of them were inducted as Student Members and we still have room in the roster for more Student Members.  These Students are the future in the Society so please lend a hand and welcome them.

Please remember that we are offering the “Spotlight Supplier” program to anyone who is interested in displaying their wares at a meeting.  You also receive a full page ad in our monthly Newsletter.  Please contact me or Richie Chan.

Thank you to Truck King International Trucks for sponsoring the March “Spotlight Supplier” program.


We are no longer accepting Bylaw change proposals.  All proposals shall be read at the April meeting and voted upon at the May meeting.

Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:
Article I
This Society shall be known as the Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. of New York

Article II Objective and Aims
To promote efficient fleet operation through the exchange of ideas and experiences in the selection and training of personnel, supervisory technique, maintenance, production, safety, labor relations, plant layouts, supplies and equipment, insurance and other related subjects; to improve Members’ prestige and image through training, education, public relations, projects and exposure to all facets of transportation.


3rd and final dues notices have been mailed out to the delinquent Membership on March 1st.  Please pay your dues promptly to avoid being dropped from the roster.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members    109
Life Members     19
Editorial Members     0
Associate Members    39
Honorary Members    3
Original Equipment Manufacturer    3
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors    0
Student Members    11
Total Membership    184

Attendance at the March meeting:
Members    56
Guests    24
Total    80

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:
Member Robert Lagnese – 105, 1/97 –
Honorary Member Bill Misita – 99, 9/92 – 2/05
Member George Pastor – 70, 5/94 – 5/03
Member Carl Orza – 70, 3/97 – 2/06
Life Member Nuno Tardo – 63, 3/89 – 1/97
Member Leonard Huffmire – 58, 11/02 –
Member John Cigna – 50, 2/94 – 3/00
Life Member Nuno Tardo – 48, 1/02 –1/08
Member Robert Spiotto – 47, 11/01 –9/07
Member Pat De Martino – 44, 10/90 – 2/96


Think Your Recalled Toyota Is Fixed?  Maybe Not.

With millions of cars and trucks on Toyota’s massive recall list, several drivers whose vehicles have been to the dealer and back are saying that their cars are still experiencing problems with sudden acceleration and bad braking.

At least seven complaints, filed in the last two weeks with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, allege that after the recall service to modify pedals and replace floor mats the cars still surged out of control.
?Although the allegations are unverified by the agency, they are a worrying sign that the nearly 10 million recall notices issued by Toyota may not fully address the problem of unintended acceleration -- which some believe is caused by problems in the electronic throttle system, rather than mechanical issues involving pedals.

A concern among safety experts is that the brake override software, which has been described as a final solution to the problem of unintended acceleration, may in fact cause more problems by adding a new layer of software to the system.

In addition, NHTSA is now saying it has reports of 52 fatalities in unintended acceleration accidents in Toyota vehicles, up from 34 just a few weeks ago.

The 2010 Society of Fleet Supervisors Golf Outing will take place, Monday, June 21, 2010 at the North Shore Towers Golf Course in Floral Park, Queens.  As usual, this event will take place on the Monday following Father’s Day.

We Need Your Help!  We Need Your Support!

This Golf Outing is a major revenue source for our Society.  Its success is critical to sustain the Society's health and existence.

We need our Membership to solicit sponsorship for this event so that we don't repeat last year’s poor turnout!

It's never too early to make your commitment!  Please call me at 718.886.4020 to place your reservations.


We need your help!!!

Journal Ad commitments for this years Journal honoring our 2010 Member of the Year, Leonard Huffmire are at a stand-still.

We of the Journal Ad Committee realize that many of our Members are facing a tough economic year and we also are aware that most of our Members wait until November to make a commitment and/or upgrade their Journal Ad.  However, may I remind you that it is never to early to submit your commitment.

Leonard Huffmire, our most worthy honoree has given countless hours of his time to this great Society and it is time to show him that we are grateful for his efforts and proud to be a fellow Society Member!

So please, take the time to fill out a Journal Ad Form that can be found on our website and mail it in today.

The Journal Committee thanks you once again for your anticipated cooperation and generosity.


Thank you to Mr. Jack Schroeder of Designline, USA of Charlotte, NC on the presentation of its hybrid bus design.

The winner of the Big Draw of $50.00 was Life Member Anthony Falconiere who donated $25.00 of his proceeds to the Kiddy Picnic.


All as mentioned on several occasions the Life Blood of our organization is our membership.

Over the last few months our success with the Spotlight Supplier platform has peaked the interest of our Members and contributed to adding both Full Membership and Associate Members to our great organization.  However we all realize that in order to grow we need our Members to recommend the Society to other professionals within our industry.

One of our newest members Harry Cain has done just that.

In the past two months Harry has contributed to our membership by introducing several candidates which have joined to become active Members.  We have asked Harry to take on the role of Membership Chairman as he has accepted this position.  We would like to thank him for his outstanding efforts and wish him continued success as we all will support him in that role.

Thanks Harry!

Inducted at the March meeting:
Steven Kleiner, Commercial Service Writer, for Hempstead Ford Lincoln Mercury of Hempstead, NY as an Associate Member.  Steven oversees dealership commercial accounts for repairs.

Vincent Durante, Service Director, for Jersey City Ford Lincoln Mercury of Jersey City, NJ as an Associate Member.  Vincent oversees the daily operation of the dealership Service Department of 25 bays and 20 technicians.

The following Automotive Technology Students from Farmingdale State University were inducted as Student Members:
Louis Camacho
Michael Gulli
Stephanie Henao
Hiu Fong Kong
Joseph Marra
Nicholas Rao
Raphael Rodriguez


Many thanks to the membership for an outstanding March turnout as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together.  A special thank you to Mr. Jack Schroeder of Designline Bus for his presentation on the eco-friendly hybrid buses in service and being introduced across the country and around the globe.

This month we are pleased to welcome Associate Member Peter Plate of Rosco Vision Systems

Based in Jamaica, N.Y., Rosco is one of North America’s leading suppliers of mirrors, visors and other visual safety systems to the worldwide commercial vehicle market.  In 2007, Rosco celebrated its 100th year of business.  Rosco is renowned for its strong design engineering focus and custom product development.  Rosco provides equipment to manufacturers in the school bus, transit and shuttle bus, motor coach, truck and van, recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle, military, and materials handling vehicle markets.  Their products range from mirrors, to sun visors, to camera and camera recording systems.  Everything Rosco does involves vision safety.

Peter and the Rosco team will join us on April 17th to talk about compact, low cost, windshield mounted video recorders, which are not only a productivity and profitability tool, but a deterrent to texting while driving.  Texting while driving seems to be a common concern brought up and discussed among the members at prior meetings.  This presentation will be of interest to everyone in the fleet industry. 

Please make sure to join us at the Immaculate Conception Center on April 17th.


We are accepting Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship applications for 2010.  Please remember that there is a meeting attendance obligation that you must meet in order to be eligible for one of the six scholarships available this year.  Applications are available to download from our website or you may get them by contacting me at 516.643.2530.


The Kiddy Picnic has been set for Sunday, June 6, 2010 in the Cherry Section, Parking Lot # 5 of Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY.  Please fill out the Kiddy Picnic application supplied in this newsletter and return it to me as soon as possible.  The Kiddy Picnic application is also available to download from our website at  Please get your applications in by Saturday, May 15, 2010 so we can plan on purchasing the toys for the children appropriately.

Also, the location and date for the Society Awards Dinner has been changed.  The new location will be the North Shore Towers on Saturday, December 4, 2010.

Thank you to all the generous donor pledges we received at the March meeting from the following:
Sal Azzariti    $100.00
Michael Bruce    $100.00
Harry Cain    $100.00
Michael Cordiello    $300.00
John Guarriello    $200.00
Leonard Huffmire    $100.00
Michael Iannizzi    $100.00
Mark Kodner    $100.00
Fred Martell    $100.00
Carl Orza    $100.00
Nuno Tardo    $100.00
Advanced Fleet Maintenance    $300.00
Brake Service    $100.00
CDM Fleet Services    $100.00
Drive Train Truck Parts    $500.00
HOP Energy    $100.00
Jersey City FLM    $200.00
Mondial Automotive    $100.00
Motive Engines    $100.00
NESCO Bus Maintenance    $100.00
Parts Authority    $100.00
Pro Built Auto Electric    $100.00
RMP Powertrain Solutions    $100.00
Rosco, Inc.    $100.00
Truck King Int’l Trucks    $200.00


No news is good news on the welfare of our Members.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:
05/03    Elaine Skinner (Keith)
05/04    Michael Natoli
05/11    Phillip Torres
05/12    Paul Chernosky
05/12    Stanley Clark
05/12    Richard Yopp
05/15    Louis Balazs
05/15    Douglas Calder
05/15    Joseph Carpenter
05/15    Juan Nunez
05/16    Ronald Birnbaum
05/20    Mitchell Clark
05/24    Florence Lagnese (Robert)
05/25    Pat De Martino
05/25    Steve Justice
05/27    Robert Lagnese
05/28    Irene Tardo (Nuno)

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