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February 2007


One again, I would like to thank the Society’s Special Activities chairman, Mike Cordiello. The annual Scholarship Awards Dinner was a tremendous success. It was an honorable tribute to the 2006 Member of the Year, Frank Carpenter. Congratulations Frank.

At this year’s Scholarship Awards Dinner, the Society awarded six scholarships to the Members’ families and named the 2007 Member of the Year, John Costantin. On behalf of the Executive Board and the Membership, I would like to congratulate John Costantin, a well deserving individual for such an award.

Looking forward to the New Year, there is much to do. In April there is the 2007 EXPO so don’t forget to book your tables. Don’t forget to distribute the admission tickets to your colleagues or any one you think may benefit from the EXPO. The Society needs everyone to make an effort to hand out as many of the tickets to boost attendance. After the Expo we have the Kiddy Picnic and then the annual Golf Outing. Be sure to write these events on your calendar so that you don’t miss them. I will be looking forward to seeing you there. Once again the committee chairmen are looking for help, so if anyone has a little time to spare, let us know.

The Membership Drive is in full swing and the applications are coming in. There are only three months to go so let’s keep up the efforts. As a reminder the Membership Drive winner will receive a $250.00 American Express gift card.

The next general meeting is February 21, 2007 at The INN at New Hyde Park. Jot it in your calendar. I am looking forward to seeing you all there.


We are at The INN at New Hyde Park for February through May for our monthly meetings and the EXPO.

It’s time to make a big push for the EXPO scheduled for Wednesday, April 25. For those who already placed your reservations for an exhibit table, I thank you. For those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? Admission tickets will be available at the beginning of March and they will be distributed to all Members. Additional tickets will also be available in March by ordering from our web site, calling our Society phone (718) 715-4157 and leaving your name, address or by emailing your request to Member Richie Chan at [email protected]


Time is running short. We are accepting Bylaw Change Proposals in writing up to and including the March 2007 meeting. We have received two proposals so far.

Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:
Bylaw X Payment of Dues

1. The fiscal year, for dues purposes shall be the calendar year.

2. Dues shall be payable January 1 or on notice except for the President of the Society while in office.

3. Those Members joining during the first (6) six month's of any year shall pay a full current year's dues; those joining after July 1st shall pay (1/2) one half of the annual dues for the balance of the fiscal year. Any Member inducted at the November meeting would be exempt from dues for the current year. (Amended 5/19/93)

4. Any Member whose dues remain unpaid by January 31st shall be deemed delinquent and a second notice shall be mailed. All new Members’ dues are due at the time of their induction to the Society. Any privileges will not be granted to any new Member until such dues are paid in full. (Amended 5/17/95)

5. The Membership Committee shall have the power to terminate Membership if the dues are not paid within (30) thirty days after a Member or an Associate is deemed delinquent.

6. Any Associate Member inducted during the November meeting would be required to pay in full the coming year’s dues. (Added 5/19/99)

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Associate Member Tony Cavuoto of Delta Transmissions invites you to their web site at the next time you are on the Internet.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 115
Life Members 17
Editorial Members 0
Associate Members 42
Honorary Members 4
Original Equipment Manufacturer 3
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 1
Student Members 18
Total Membership 200

Attendance at the January meeting:
Members 51
Guests 18
Total 69

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:
Honorary Member Bill Misita, Retired – 99, 9/92 – 2/05
Member Robert Lagnese, Farmingdale University – 79, 1/97 –
Member George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. – 70, 5/94 – 5/03
Member Carl Orza, Advanced Fleet Maintenance – 70, 3/97 – 2/06
Life Member Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford – 63, 3/89 – 1/97
Member John Cigna, Retired – 50, 2/94 – 3/00
Member Pat De Martino, Con Edison – 44, 10/90 – 2/96
Member Robert Spiotto, Frank Siviglia & Co., Inc. – 42, 11/01 –
Life Member Nuno Tardo, Retired – 40, 3/97 –
Member John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. – 37, 1/96 – 5/00


This month I would like to inform the membership of the Society about information that is available from the New York DOT regarding roadside safety and security inspections. The Motor Carrier Compliance Bureau is the department responsible for the administration of the statewide Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP). The primary goal of this federally funded program is to reduce the number and severity of crashes and hazardous material incidents involving commercial motor vehicles. This goal is accomplished through various field operations including: Roadside Truck and Bus Inspections, New Entrant Safety Audits, Compliance Reviews, Complaint Investigations, Security Visits, Hazardous Material Carrier Reviews, Oversize/Overweight Compliance Outreach, and various Educational Programs. The Bureau also investigates Household Goods Consumer Complaints and is responsible for customer information support.

Safety inspections are conducted by NYSDOT & the New York State Police at various roadside sites throughout the state. When a vehicle has been selected for a safety inspection, inspectors will follow an inspection procedure established by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to inspect the driver and vehicle. These procedures are used throughout North America. After the inspection, the inspector will explain the defects, if any, and provide the driver with a copy of the safety inspection report.

Providing no defects are found the vehicle and driver are release to continue on but if defects are found according to the NYDOT one or more of the following things will happen:
• If serious defects are discovered, the vehicle will be placed out-of-service and the repairs must be made before the vehicle can be driven again. If a vehicle that has been placed out-of-service is operated before the necessary repairs have been made, a penalty of $1,000 - $5000 may be assessed.
• All non out-of-service violations must be repaired prior to the vehicle being re-dispatched. A 15-day time limit will be given to return the Driver-Vehicle Examination Report certifying the repairs have been made. The report should be signed by the repairer and the motor carrier and mailed to:
New York State Department of Transportation OSSS, Truck Inspections
50 Wolf Road, POD 53
Albany, NY 12232
• A driver in violation of some requirements regarding hours of service (such as not having a log book when required, or exceeding the driving time limitations) may be placed out-of-service and assessed a penalty.
• Additional penalties of up to $500 may be assessed for each hazardous materials violation.
• A Uniform Traffic Citation may be issued for some violations.

It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that we can prevent as many defects as possible not only to maintain the safety of our fleets but also to control cost associated with downtime, fines, road side repairs and tow charges. NYDOT provides a list on their website informing motor carriers and the general public to what they are looking for during the inspection. The following is an overview of what the inspectors look for during an inspection:
• Driver
o Commercial Driver License (Proper Class and Endorsements)
o Medical Certificate, if required
o Record of Duty Status (Log Book)
o Seat Belt Use
o Alcohol or Drug Use and/or Possession
o Shipping Papers for Hazardous Materials Transportation
o Unauthorized Passengers
• Vehicle
o Hazardous Materials Transportation
? Markings
? Labels
? Spills
? Leaks
? Unsecured Cargo
o Fuel System
? Leaks
? Securely-Mounted Tanks
? Filler Caps
o Brakes
? Service and Parking Brakes
? Drums and Rotors
? Hoses and Tubing
? Low Air Warning Device
? Tractor Protection Valve
o Coupling Devices
? Fifth Wheels
? Pintle Hooks
? Tow Bars
? Safety Devices
o Lighting Devices
? Stop Lights
? Turn Signals
? Headlights
? Clearance Lights
? Marker Lights
o Steering Mechanism
o Suspension
o Frame Members and Body Components
o Tires and Wheels
o Windshield and Wipers
o Load Securement
o Rearview Mirrors
o Horn
o Exhaust System
o Emergency Equipment
? Fire Extinguishers
? Emergency warning devices
? Spare fuses

If anyone would like to find out more information on changes in DOT laws and regulation and upcoming events or if you have any questions for the NYDOT you can contact them at their General Inquiries phone number, for Long Island call (631)-952-6632 for New York City (718) 482-4526 and for Westchester (845) 431-5750.


With the New Year we have a new Member of the Year, Member John Costantin of Atlantic Express Transportation.

Because of the commitment of our Members to the Society, we had a great 2006 journal. Let's continue with this momentum in honoring John for our 2007 journal. With everyone’s support, I know we will have another great year for the 2007 journal.


Workplace fatalities continue on downward trend. The latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 5,700 fatal work injuries were recorded in the U.S. in 2005. This is about one percent fewer than the 2004 total. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that these numbers are preliminary and will be finalized in April 2007.

To avoid static fires when fueling up your vehicle:
• Stop the vehicle’s engine.
• Make sure the metal nozzle is touching the metal of the tank opening.
• Don’t get back in the vehicle. The static charge you build while getting in and out again can cause a spark when you touch the nozzle.
• If you are filling a gas can use only an approved container.
• Stay off the cell phone while filling up as well as while driving.

Final written arguments have been submitted and the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is expected to hear oral arguments related to the hours-of-service regulations.

Public Citizen and the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association are challenging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s hours-of-service regulation issued in 2005. Public Citizen, victorious in having FMCSA’s 2003 hours-of-service regulations rescinded, is again asking the court to review the entire final rule. OOIDA’s challenge asks the court to review two portions of the regulation, specifically, the 14 hour on-duty rule and the split sleeper-berth provision.

The oral arguments will be presented to a three judge panel. None of these judges hearing the case were on the panel that rescinded the 2003 hours-of-service regulations. A final decision is expected in early 2007.

Note that these legal actions do not change the current hours-of-service regulations.

The number of people killed in crashes involving large trucks decreased in 2005. That is the first time the number of fatalities involving large truck crashes has dropped since 2003.

More than 8 million diesel powered trucks and buses in the United States can now fill up with a new ultra-low sulfur fuel that is now 97 percent cleaner than the old formula it replaces. The new fuel, combined with improved engine technology, will reduce tailpipe pollution dramatically, according to diesel technology advocates Cleaner diesel fuel will immediately cut soot emissions from any diesel vehicle by 10 percent. But, when combined with a new generation of engines hitting the road in January 2007, it will enable emission reductions of up to 95 percent.

Existing diesel vehicles can be retrofitted with new emission controls that can reduce soot emissions by more than 90 percent.

TMC 2007 Annual Meeting, Exhibition to be Held Feb. 6-9
Optimizing Fleet Efficiency Focus of TMC's 2007 Annual Meeting

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The Technology & Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations will hold its 2007 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition Feb. 6-9, at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Fla.

Optimizing Fleet Efficiency
Keeping with TMC's 2007 Annual Meeting theme, "Optimizing Fleet Efficiency," two full technical sessions will be devoted to how fleets can optimize fleet equipment management through better spec'ing, more efficient purchasing and trade cycle management, and improved technician recruitment and retention - all related to improving the bottom line of fleet operations.

Technical sessions
Other technical sessions include:
• Electrical Idle Reduction Solutions
• Best Practices for Evaluating Performance of Tires and Tire/Wheel Products
• An Advance Look at 2010 Heavy Truck Emissions Technology
• Best Practices for Spec'ing Cab Insulation
• Risk Management in Fleet Maintenance Operations
• Torsional Vibrations: Can't Live With 'Em, Can Live Without 'Em
• An Update on Dock Restraints and Their Impact on Trailer Maintenance
• Vehicle Command and Control "101": What Fleet Managers Must Know About J1939
• Universal Coolant: What Does It Mean to My Light/Medium-Duty Fleet?
• Innovations in Specialty Vehicle Designs
For meeting registration, or additional meeting or exhibit information, contact TMC at (703) 838-1763, or e-mail: [email protected]

Please let me know of any industry related events coming up in 2007 so I can let everybody else know! I’m looking for trade shows, seminars, outdoor events, training, especially free training, truck shows, what about free food. What’s going on in our industry, don’t keep it a secret! Let everyone know!


Michael Jennings, Training Specialist for Chevron Products Co. presented the January program on the use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuels. He spoke at length about the three prong strategy being used to reduce diesel engine emissions. The use of ULSDF has resulted in a 90% reduction in engine emissions. Mr. Jennings’ knowledgeable presentation was very interesting and informative. Many thanks go out to Prime Lube and Chevron for sponsoring the January meeting.

The winner of the Big Draw of $50.00 was Member Mitchell Blane.


We are stating to get some response for membership applications. I thank all of you who have helped bring in a new Member and would ask others to participate.

Also, keep in mind about our Membership Drive: Effective October 1, 2006 through May 15, 2007 we have implemented a Membership Drive. Sponsor the most new Members inducted during this period and receive a $250.00 American Express Gift Certificate at the May 2007 meeting. Prospective Members must be inducted as full Members, Associate Members, or OEM Members during the membership drive period. All applications must be submitted for approval prior to the monthly Executive Board meeting (First Wednesday of the Month). The last application to qualify for this program must be submitted no later than the April 2007 meeting.

Also, we are looking for recommendations for Member of the Month. If you know of anyone who has showed outstanding performance in the Industry you should send their name and contacts to myself or Richard Chan.

Remember being a Member is important, but we must attend meetings to support the Society.

Inducted at the January meeting:
• James Mastellone, Shop Manager for We Transport / Town Bus of Bay Shore, NY as a Member. Jim is responsible for 215 vehicles and 11 technicians. He has been with We Transport for three years. Jim’s prior experience was the Director of Maintenance for Varsity Transit.

• David Findley, Assistant Professor at Farmingdale State University in Farmingdale, NY as a Member. David assists Member Robert Lagnese in the Automotive Department and has been in this position for one year. He previously worked as a mechanic for five years, in auto sales and a tow truck driver.

• Virgil P. Capone, President of Powerwash Plus Inc. of Baldwin, NY as an Associate Member. Virgil’s company performs power washing for numerous companies of various types of vehicles and fleets since 1987.


Our February program will be given by Cummins Metropower on new products and technology. For the 2007 March program will be given by Ttelma Corp. on their engine braking system. They will both also be sponsoring their respective cocktail hours


This is the best year I have had from getting responses from our retired Members.

I received a letter from retired Member Roy Burgin who just turned 78 on December 20. He has recovered from a bout with cancer and is back in shape. Once a month, he attends a Con Ed retiree’s luncheon and sees Life Member Tom Stagnitta there. He hopes to get to come to a meeting in the future.


Congratulations to our 2006 Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship recipients. The recipients and Members are:
Nicole Costantin attending Brookdale Community College, granddaughter of Member John Costantin
Anthony Ferraro attending Nassau Community College, son of Member George Ferraro
Maria Froehlich attending Stonybrook University, granddaughter of Life Member Michael Iannizzi
Zachary Blane attending Purchase College, son of Member Mitchell Blane
Joseph Roskop attending Pace University, nephew of Member Dennis Roskop
Courtney McVeigh attending St. Anslem College, daughter of Member William McVeigh

Our 2007 Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship season is underway. Please remember your attendance obligation to be eligible for a scholarship. I will report to you next month on how many scholarships will be available for 2007.



I was glad to see so many people that were able to make it to the Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner. I noticed that everyone was enjoying themselves and they deserve it. It was a great night of food and fun for all.

Congratulations to the winners of the 10,000 Bricks Raffle - the office staff of Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment - Dan Fusaro, Dennis Gordon, Erika Byrne, Jim Torretta and Paul Bentivegna. A great big thank you goes out to Member Louis Balazs who sold the winning ticket.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Members for their extreme generosity. This year was a total sell out of all the Bricks Raffle tickets.


Congratulations to Member William Schneider's daughter who had a baby girl on January 12, 2007. Olivia was 9 lbs., 2 oz. and both mother and daughter are doing well. This makes five grandchildren for Bill.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:
3/1 Michael Calise
3/1 Grace Snyder (Robert)
3/3 Joseph Perin
3/5 Nestor Zaragoza
3/6 Janet Natale (Anthony)
3/7 Emilia Bisciotti (Robert)
3/7 Alan Taub
3/8 Joseph Milea
3/8 Mauretta Scano (Michael)
3/10 Frank Almona
3/11 Roger Dent
3/11 Michael Scano
3/15 Donna Ferrara (Leonard)
3/18 Donald Aull
3/20 Marianne Perin (Joseph)
3/21 Susan Bellack (Larry)
3/22 Dolly Taddeo (Pasquale)
3/29 Bill D’Emic
3/29 Ronald Gulmi
3/29 Salvatore Macaluso
3/30 Patricia Raff (Garry)
3/30 William Schneider
3/30 Taras Vysotskyy
3/31 Cynthia Roskop (Dennis)


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