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May 2006


As I write this letter we are closing on the Expo. I want to thank all those who contributed their time and money to put this show together for the betterment of the Society.

The new Slate was announced at the April meeting. I have been honored to lead this organization for three terms as its president but after careful consideration felt it was time to step aside and let some new blood have a chance. In May you will be accepting them for their term that starts in June. Please make every effort, as I will, to make their term a success. They are the future of this fine organization.

The program this month will be given by Classic Transportation and features Drive Cam Camera systems, an important safety feature for any organization.

I look forward to seeing all at the May meeting.


The EXPO has come and gone and I hope you all attended. I’m sure we had an excellent turnout as I am reporting before the event takes place. I’ll have full details in the June Newsletter.

Our Student Member program seems to be working well as evidence from the April meeting we had two new students and five repeat students attend. We hope to expand on this program to get more students involved.

Our May meeting will be at the New Hyde Park Inn and we will then take a summer break. We will be back in September at the New Hyde Park Inn.

Once again, thank you to all for your support at the EXPO.


It’s time to vote on Bylaw proposals at the May meeting. Please bring your ballot to the meeting if you plan on attending or mail it to the address provided on the ballot before the May meeting. Don’t forget to sign the ballot to make it count.

The proposed Bylaw changes are:

Bylaw I
Insert as paragraph 5A

Former Associate Members who have resigned or had their membership terminated shall be excluded from attending regular meetings. Former Members may request reinstatement as per current membership requirements, subject to approval by the Executive Board.

Bylaw IV Duties of Standing Committees

Add the following to the 2nd paragraph after the first sentence:

Scholarships to be awarded in the following order: Member, Member’s spouse, Member’s children, and Member’s grandchildren. Any remaining scholarships would then be awarded to Member’s nieces and nephews.

Add to Bylaw IV Duties of Standing Committees

Golf Outing: This Committee Consisting of a Chairperson and (2) two or more Members shall report on the Golf Outing for the Society. Records pertaining to donations, moneys received or expended shall be recorded on a computer system with a printout of the final cost available to the Executive Board

Bylaw XIV Accountant Services

Paragraph 1 Change hire to retain.

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Please visit the web site of our newest Members from Classic Transportation at We also have a web site listing for our Members from Efficiency Enterprises Inc. at

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 112
Life Members 17
Editorial Members 0
Associate Members 41
Honorary Members 3
Original Equipment Manufacturer 3
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 1
Student Members 14
Total Membership 191

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:
Bill Misita, Retired – 99, 9/92 – 2/05
Robert Lagnese, Farmingdale University – 74, 1/97 -
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. – 70, 5/94 – 5/03
Carl Orza, Advanced Fleet Maintenance – 70, 3/97 – 2/06
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford – 63, 3/89 - 1/97
John Cigna, Retired – 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Pat De Martino, Con Edison – 44, 10/90 - 2/96
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. – 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Robert Spiotto, Frank Siviglia & Co., Inc. – 37, 11/01 -
Nuno Tardo, Retired – 36, 3/97 – 10/01

Attendance at the April meeting:
Members 56
Guests 17
Total 73


Our Annual Golf Outing is set for Monday, June 19 at the Towers Country Club in Floral Park, NY. We need golfers if you are interested in sponsoring the hole-in-one, the dinner, the golf course food or beverage station, cocktail hour, raffle and door prizes, please call me at (718) 866-4020. A registration form is provided in this Newsletter and is also available at any time from our web site. The deadline to register for golfers is May 31.


The May General Meeting is only two weeks or so away. This is last General Meeting before our summer break. I need to make all our Members aware that we have a long road to travel to meet or break last year’s final total of revenue generated by Journal Ad sales.

Our most worthy Member of the Year, Frank Carpenter, is certainly a person held in high regard by all our Membership and is a person that should be celebrated as such. Please continue to show your support for our Member of the Year and our Society by upgrading your Associate Ad and by asking your vendors and friends to honor Frank by purchasing a Journal Ad in his honor.

Although there are many more miles to go before we match last year’s total, I am certain that the generosity of our Society Members will rise to meet the occasion as they always do!

Thanks for your continued support and have a wonderful and safe summer.


Diesel Jumps 11.1 Cents to $2.876 a Gallon
Gasoline Continues to Spike, Leaping 13.1 Cents to $2.914

The national average price of diesel fuel rose 11.1 cents, matching last week's gain, to $2.876 a gallon, as trucking's main fuel continued to soar following a week of record oil prices, the Energy Department said Monday.

Gasoline, meanwhile, continued to spike, jumping 13.1 cents from last week to $2.914, DOE said following its weekly survey of filling stations.

The average prices for both fuels leapfrogged $3 a gallon both in the West Coast region and in California, which DOE breaks out separately from its five regional averages.

Diesel is averaging $3.026 on the West Coast and $3.10 in California, while gasoline’s average is $3.009 on the West Coast and $3.068 in California, DOE said.

The price for trucking’s main fuel matched the price of last Oct. 31, just one week after diesel hit an all-time record of $3.157 a gallon. Gasoline has not been this high since Oct. 3 when it was $2.928; the national record price was $3.069 set last Sept. 5 following Hurricane Katrina.

Crude oil soared to repeated record highs last week, closing at more than $70 for the first time on the New York Mercantile Exchange last Monday, and finishing the week at $75.17, a closing-price record.

Diesel’s latest prices is 58.7 cents higher than a year ago and about $1.16 higher than it was two years ago. For a trucker pumping 200 gallons, that’s an extra $117.40 over last year and $232 over two years ago.

Diesel jumped in all five DOE’s regions, led by a 14.7-cent spike in the Rocky Mountains region to $2.903 and an 11.2-cent jump in the Midwest to $2.847.

The East Coast gained a dime to $2.888 and the Gulf Coast rose 9.2 cents to $2.817, DOE said.
OPEC Keeps Production Up; U.S. to End Some Oil-Price Reporting
OPEC ministers have agreed to leave the cartel’s output ceiling unchanged, and the United States said it would end some routine oil-price reporting, Bloomberg reported Monday.

OPEC ministers met informally in Qatar, in a side meeting to the International Energy Forum, a gathering of more than 50 oil producing and consuming nations, Bloomberg said. Both the United States and Iran attended the three-day IEF, which ended Monday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government said that starting in July it will no longer issue two periodic statistical petroleum reports, Bloomberg said.

The Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration will no longer issue reports on domestic crude prices and the cost of foreign oil imports, Bloomberg reported.

EIA does not have enough money to continued the reports and maintain the quality of its other reports, EIA Administrator Guy Caruso said, according to Bloomberg.

The International Energy Agency, which represents 26 oil-consuming countries, urged the United States to continue the reports to ensure good data, Bloomberg said.
Filling Stations Report Shortages Due to Ethanol Distribution
Filling stations in the Northeast are reporting scattered shortages of gasoline as the industry struggles to transition to more ethanol-blended fuel, the Associated Press reported.

Analysts and industry officials said the shortages may continue for several more weeks, though they said the problem has more to do with delivery schedules than a shortage of ethanol, AP reported.

There were also fuel shortages immediately following Hurricane Katrina, last fall, which knocked out the electricity needed to run pipelines delivering fuel from the Gulf Coast to the rest of the country.

The latest disruptions have happened as refiners stop using the additive methyl tertiary-butyl ether, or MTBE, replacing it with ethanol, mainly derived from corn. MTBE has been found to contaminate groundwater, AP reported.

Fuel distributors say they are experiencing logistical challenges as terminal owners drain their tanks of MTBE-laced gasoline in preparation for the switch to ethanol blends.

As a result, some retailers have had to wait longer than usual for deliveries and pumps have been dry in the interim — a situation one distributor referred to as “ethanol hell,” AP said.


Bill Richards, President of Enter-Tech Labs, Inc. gave an informative presentation concerning the pending changes and challenges for users of middle distillate fuels, which include ultra low sulfur, and low sulfur diesel fuels.

A new slate of Society Officers was announced. Since no other slate was nominated from the floor, they will be running unopposed.

The winner of the Big Draw of $50.00 was Ann Marie Domino of Nassau Suffolk Truck.


Inducted at the April meeting:
Brian Marksohn, Warranty Administrator for We Transport of Bayshore, NY as a Member. Brian has been in that position for five years. His prior experience was at Street Industries where he managed special purpose built machines utilized for the utility industry.

Joseph Carpenter, Shop Foreman for Classic Transportation of Bohemia, NY as a Member. Joe oversees 24 coach buses. He was formerly with Ryder Transportation in Farmingdale for 19 1/2 years. Joe is the son of Member Frank Carpenter.

Kirk Lombardi, President of Nassau Suffolk Truck, of Hauppaugue , NY as an Associate Member. Kirk is in charge of operating procedures, sales & marketing of all large fleets. His company also operates a repair facility that can accommodate up to 40 trucks. His prior experience included fleet repairs, painting, welding and refurbishing.

Members on the move:
Member Garry Raff is now with Budget Truck Rental of Farmingdale, NY as the Dealer Performance Manager. Garry supervises the dealers in the Budget system and oversees start up of new dealers.


The Nominating Committee presented the following for the 2006/2007 slate of Officers:
Leonard Huffmire of Atlantic Express, Inc. as President
Mark Kodner of We Transportation / Towne Bus as 1st Vice President
Michael Cafiero of Petro, Inc. as 2nd Vice President
Frank Carpenter of We Transportation / Towne Bus as Treasurer
Robert Lagnese of Farmingdale University as Secretary

No Opposing slate was nominated from the floor and this slate will be running unopposed.


Potential OEM members from an NTEA database are receiving a personalized invitation letter for Society membership, brochure, and newsletter the week of 4/24. Follow-up calls to each database contact will take place in the month of May with the hopes that several new OEM members will join the Society.


Classic Transportation will be sponsoring and presenting our May program on DriveCam, Inc.’s fleet safety technology that improves driving performance and lowers operating costs for commercial fleets. The company markets Driving Behavior Management Systems and services that integrate in-vehicle video technology, driving performance management software, and driver counseling to reduce the cost of poor driving.

By changing driving behavior, DriveCam's customers have documented dramatic reductions in collisions. When collisions occur, DriveCam recordings provide unbiased evidence to determine fault and expose fraudulent insurance claims. Thousands of commercial vehicles and their drivers are now protected by DriveCam's Driving Feedback System.

Improved driving performance is the single most important factor in controlling insurance losses and reducing expenses for fleets. DriveCam directly addresses this by changing driver behavior to reduce erratic driving and decrease the frequency and severity of collisions and related bodily injuries. At the same time, it lowers liability costs, speeds insurance processing and reduces fleet operation and maintenance costs.

Due to its proven results, DriveCam's Driving Behavior Management System has been recognized and endorsed by the insurance industry as an effective loss control system.


We have ten $1,000.00 Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarships to award this year. Please take advantage of this opportunity. I would appreciate if you would submit your application as soon as possible. Don’t forget that you have an attendance obligation to meet to be eligible for one of the scholarships. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (718) 388-0426.

Hank Hasiwar Scholarship interviews will be held in June at Farmingdale University. There are three $1,000.00 scholarships to award this year.


No news is good news on the Health & Welfare of our Members.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

6/1 Ann Marie Iannizzi (Michael)
6/2 Patricia Schneider (William)
6/5 Rosalie Sciortino (Richard)
6/6 Michael Cordiello
6/7 Kathy Hart (Floyd)
6/8 Steven Milack
6/9 Robert Gartman
6/10 Julie Domante (Peter)
6/13 Judi Blane (Mitchell)
6/13 Showky Kaldawy
6/20 Susan Pastor (George)
6/23 William Mirabella
6/24 Richard Chan
6/24 Blanca Nunez (Juan)
6/24 Keith Skinner
6/25 Marie Milack (Steven)
6/26 Robert Spiotto
6/28 George Hallahan Jr.
6/28 John Iannotta
6/29 Barbara Clark (Mitchell)
6/29 Leonard Huffmire

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