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April 2006


I want to start by expressing my deepest appreciation to those most generous Members who reached deep into their pockets and donated what must be a record amount. At the last count over $6,200.00 was donated to the Kiddy Picnic. The generosity of our Membership keeps setting new boundaries.

The program in March was on the new antifreeze technologies developed to meet the challenges created by the new technology engines. As the bar is raised for future diesel emission standards, the demands on the operating temperatures will be ever increasing.

For the April meeting, our presenter is EnerTech Labs. They will be discussing the demands placed on fuels of the future. Anyone who uses diesel fuel with ultra low sulfur content now knows of the special demands placed on some existing engines.

The April EXPO is right around the corner. Frank tells me that the tables are filling up quickly. Call now before it’s too late. It promises to be a great show.

Look forward to seeing you all at the April meeting and again thanks to those who so generously donated towards the Kiddy Picnic.


This is it! The EXPO is here! We still got room for a table or two so if you haven’t sent in your table reservation, it is not too late. We will squeeze you in. Got a truck you want to show off. Put it on display at the EXPO! See you at the April meeting then I better see you at the EXPO, both at the New Hyde Park Inn!


We are no longer accepting Bylaw change proposals for 2006. All proposals will be read at the April meeting and be voted upon at the May meeting.

Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:
Bylaw II Duties of Officers

1. The executive power in the Society is vested in the President, who shall preside at all meetings. He shall have the power to call special meetings of the Committees or the Society at his/her discretion. With the approval of the majority of the other Members of the Executive Committee, he shall appoint Officers to fill vacancies until the May meeting. He shall be ex-officio Member of all Committees and shall have general supervision of all activities.

2. The First Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or when requested by him to do so. The Second Vice President shall perform the duties of the First Vice President and for the Secretary in his/her absence or as requested by the President.

3. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all minutes of the Society, conduct all correspondence and perform all duties incidental to his/her office. He/she is obligated to turn over all records and minutes of the office of Secretary to the incoming elected President at the time of his/her installation.

4. The Treasurer shall receive, acknowledge and deposit all funds and sign all checks and contracts authorized by the Executive Committee. He shall submit a monthly statement at the monthly meeting. He shall, at the May meeting submit an audited report of the funds of the Society for the year expiring April 30.

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We welcome two new additions to our Internet Directory: Merrick Dodge can be found at and Budget Truck Rental at

Member Carl Orza had a good long attendance record that ended with the February meeting at 70 consecutive meetings attended.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 119
Life Members 17
Editorial Members 0
Associate Members 4
Honorary Members 3
Original Equipment Manufacturer 3
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 1
Student Members 14
Total Membership 201

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:
Bill Misita, Retired – 99, 9/92 – 2/05
Robert Lagnese, Farmingdale University – 73, 1/97 -
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. – 70, 5/94 – 5/03
Carl Orza, Advanced Fleet Maintenance – 70, 3/97 – 2/06
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford – 63, 3/89 - 1/97
John Cigna, Retired – 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Pat De Martino, Con Edison – 44, 10/90 - 2/96
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. – 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired – 36, 3/97 – 10/01
Robert Spiotto, Frank Siviglia & Co., Inc. – 36, 11/01 -

Attendance at the March meeting:
Members 60
Guests 25
Total 85


Our Annual Golf Outing is set for Monday, June 19 at the Towers Country Club in Floral Park, NY. We need golfers if you are interested in sponsoring the hole-in-one, the dinner, the golf course food or beverage station, cocktail hour, raffle and door prizes, please call me at (718) 866-4020. A registration form is provided in this Newsletter and is also available at any time from our web site. The deadline to register for golfers is May 31.


Frank Carpenter, the Society of Fleet Supervisors Member of the Year for 2006, is a most worthy recipient. We all know that Frank is a man that possesses the utmost integrity and is a tried and true working member of our great Society.

Although the deadline for this year’s Journal comes in November (over eight months from now), I still want to take this opportunity to urge all our Membership to start the ball rolling by taking the time to fill out the enclosed Journal Ad Form and make a statement. A statement, which voices both support our Member of the Year, Frank Carpenter and our Society as well!

Journal Ads are also an inexpensive way to advertise your business and we all know about the power of advertising! So make a decision to place an ad in this year’s Journal and save me the embarrassment of having to place my resume in this Newsletter!

Thank you all for your continued support!


Diesel Reaches $2.58 per Gallon:
The national average price of retail on-highway diesel rose 3.8 cents to an 18-week high of $2.581 per gallon, according to yesterday's price release from the Energy Information Administration. The national average now stands 33.7 cents higher than during the same period in 2005. The EIA also reported that the price of U.S. retail gasoline surged 13.8 cents to $2.504 per gallon (a 21-week high), which is 39.5 cents more expensive than during the same week last year. It is evident that still-high crude oil prices continue to be reflected in diesel and gasoline prices. West Texas Intermediate oil settled at $60.42 per barrel yesterday, down $2.35 from Friday's closing price, but 6.7 percent higher than a year earlier.


New Initiative Offers Driver’s of Energy-Efficient Vehicles 10% Reduction on Tolls
Governor George E. Pataki today announced the “Green Pass” Discount Plan, a plan offering drivers of qualifying fuel-efficient vehicles a discount on Thruway tolls, was approved by New York State Thruway Authority Board. The new initiative is part of the Governor’s energy independence plan, which he first unveiled in his 2006 State of the State Address in January.

“Our new ‘Green Pass’ initiative will build on our continuing efforts to improve New York’s environment,” Governor Pataki said. “This new and innovative program will save qualifying Thruway commuters money while increasing the use of low-emission, energy-efficient vehicles on our State’s roadways and helping to reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels and lower auto emissions for a healthier New York.”

Under Governor Pataki’s “Green Pass” Discount Plan initiative, energy-efficient vehicles meeting strict emissions standards, and having a highway fuel economy average of at least 45 miles per gallon will qualify for an additional 10% E-Z Pass discount on Thruway tolls beginning on May 1, 2006.

To be eligible for the “Green Pass” Discount, E-Z Pass customers will need to provide proof of vehicle registration. The New York State Thruway Authority will begin accepting applications for the “Green Pass” Discount Plan on April 1, 2006.

The “Green Pass” Discount Plan dovetails with the Governor’s recently implemented program allowing eligible low-emission, energy-efficient vehicles to use the 40-mile Long Island Expressway High Occupancy Vehicle (LIE/HOV) lanes, regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle.

New York State Thruway Authority Executive Director Michael R. Fleischer said, “An ideal compliment to the Governor’s Clean Pass program is the special Green Pass Discount Plan which will be offered to Thruway E-Z Pass customers with eligible vehicles. The additional discount will be available for vehicles that have significantly lower emissions contributing to a healthier and more environmentally friendly New York.” The New York State Thruway Authority’s multi-year Capital Plan continues to make E-Z Pass improvements, including additional highway-speed dedicated E-Z Pass lanes.

In addition, the Thruway Authority recently announced that E-Z Pass On-the-Go tags, which can be purchased an used instantly, are now available at a number of retail establishments throughout the State including convenience stores and a number of AAA locations.

To apply for the Green Pass Discount, please send a letter and include a copy of the vehicle registration to the E-Z Pass New York Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 149004, Staten Island, New York 10314-9004.


Dr. Richard Armstrong of Chevron Texaco Corp. presented the March program on the many attributes of extended life coolant/antifreeze. He spoke at length about how the use of a long life coolant instead of the “old green” coolant is both cost effective and better for engine life. Dr Armstrong’s knowledgeable presentation was very interesting and informative. We thank Prime Lube and Chevron Texaco for sponsoring the cocktail hour at the March meeting.

The winner of the Big Draw of $50.00 was John Kantor, student at Farmingdale State University.


Inducted at the March meeting:
• Ira Reiter, Fleet Sales Manager, for Merrick Dodge in Merrick, NY as an Associate Member. Ira has been the manager of the fleet and commercial sales at Merrick Dodge for the past two and a half years.
• Kerry Blumenthal, Maintenance Manager, for Budget Truck Rental in New York, NY as a Member. Kerry is responsible for the maintenance of 2,900 vehicles serviced through corporate and independent repair facilities.
• Phillip Torres, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, for Bobmar Transportation, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY as a Member. Phillip is responsible for a 45 vehicle school bus fleet and oversees three mechanics and one helper.
• Albert Buehler Jr., Fleet Manager, for Drive Train Truck Parts in Holtsville, NY as a Member. Al is responsible for 14 vehicles, customer service and dispatch.


Mr. Bill Richards of Ener-Tech Labs will present our April program on the changes in diesel fuel, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, bio-diesel fuel and diesel engines for 2006 – 2010. Bill has been a chemical engineer for over 30 years. Currently the founder and owner of Ener-Tech Labs, the manufacturer and distributor of new technology chemical products for fuels, coolants and automotive cleaning products. He was previously the head chemist at FPPF, another leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry.


Please take advantage of the Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship this year. We have 10 scholarships to distribute this year so chances are good that if you do submit an application, you will receive one. Don’t wait for the last minute, please submit your applications as soon as possible. Just remember to complete your attendance requirement by the November 2006 meeting to be eligible.

If you need a scholarship application, they are available to down load at any time on our web site.


The next event we have coming up is the 2006 Annual Kiddy Picnic at Eisenhower Park. We have moved the date back to the first Sunday in June (June 4) because we were hoping for warmer weather. This is an event you and your family do not want to miss. It promises to be a day filed with great food, lots of fun and good friends.

At this time, I would like to thank all the Members, Associates and guests who pledged donations to the picnic. Their generosity was overwhelming. I don’t know what the record is for the largest amount of monies donated at a meeting for this event is but so far we have raised over $6,200.00. That is truly amazing! Many thanks again to:
Frank Carpenter $200.00
Michael Cordiello $200.00
Michael Iannizzi $200.00
Alan Klebanoff $100.00
William McVeigh $200.00
Richard Yopp $100.00
Advanced Fleet Maintenance $1,313.13
Central Carolina Supply $200.00
Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment $100.00
Double Check Electric $500.00
Drive Train Truck Parts $1,000.00
Factory Direct Bus Sales $200.00
L & L Automotive Electric Inc. $200.00
Mike’s Heavy Duty Towing $200.00
Mondial Automotive $750.00
Oceanside Transmissions $200.00
Superior Diesel Tech $500.00
Tip Top Diesel & Fleet Service $100.00


Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Keith Skinner who is on long-term disability due to a respiratory ailment.

Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Frank Carpenter who is recovering from knee surgery performed at the end of February.

Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Tim Harte who is recovering from a hospitalized stay for a heart procedure performed at the end of March.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:
5/4 Michael Natoli
5/11 Phillip Torres
5/12 Stanley Clarke
5/12 Richard Yopp
5/15 Louis Balazs
5/15 Douglas Calder
5/15 Juan Nunez
5/15 Bruce Rubin
5/16 Ronald Birnbaum
5/16 William Ottesen
5/20 Mitchell Clark
5/24 Florence Lagnese (Robert)
5/25 Pat De Martino
5/25 Steve Justice
5/27 Robert Lagnese
5/28 Richard Pastore
5/28 Irene Tardo (Nuno)

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