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June 2004


The Society elections were held on May 19, in addition to the new slate, all of the proposed by law changes passed. This is a step in the right direction for the future of the organization. But, we need more than new Bylaws. The future of this organization depends on the willingness of its Members to become involved and work together for the good of the Society putting all their personal differences aside. The future of this organization depends on it.

On the lighter side, the Kiddy Picnic was a great success. The weather was terrific and Mike and Anne Marie Iannizzi out did themselves this year and with the help of their many volunteers made it a wonderful event for all who attended.

The Golf Outing is fast approaching so make sure you call Nick and get your reservations in now.

Finally, I want to thank the Members, the Executive Board, the Committee Chairs, and all of our venders for their support during my two years as President. I Congratulate Dennis Madden on his election to President and offer him any support I can give.


Our EXPO has come and passed and I would like to thank all the vendors who came to display their wares and trucks. We will be printing a thank you edition of the Fleet Street Journal and will be published during the early summer. I would like to also thank all the EXPO Committee members - Dennis Roskop, Richie Chan, Bob Lagnese, Tim Harte and Carl Orza for all their help in making this event happen.

We are off for the summer and will not meet again until the September meeting at the New Hyde Park Inn.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!


There were a total of 43 ballots cast including seven proxy ballots. The following Bylaw change proposals were accepted:

Article II, section 2E:
2E. Apprentice Fleet Supervisor: shall include those actively engaged in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles on a class "A" level and not actively participating in sales This grade shall come under the same guidelines as a Member grade except for the purpose to run for office, vote or affect the Member/Associate Member ratio.

43 votes for, zero against, no abstentions.

Bylaw IX Dues and Initiation Fee, section 4:
Apprentice Fleet Supervisor - ($15.00) fifteen dollars annually

42 votes for, one against, no abstentions.

Article III Membership section 2G:
2G. Student Fleet Supervisor: shall include those that are bona fide students enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or vocational program specializing in the automotive industry. Membership in this grade shall be limited to time while student is enrolled in school and up to one year after graduation from school. This grade shall come under the same guidelines as a Member grade except for the purpose to run for office, vote or affect the Member/Associate Member ratio. The Student Fleet Supervisor may request for transfer to any other grade of Membership he/she is qualified for upon graduation.

Article III Membership section 1:
1. The Membership of the Society shall be composed of (8) eight grades; Member, Associate, Editorial, Honorary, Life, Apprentice Fleet Supervisor, Student Fleet Supervisor and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Bylaw IX Dues and Initiation Fee section 4A:
Student Fleet Supervisor - Exempt from dues

41 votes for, two against, no abstentions.

Bylaw IV Duties of Standing Committees, Scholarship, Society of Fleet Supervisors Scholarship Fund, paragraph 1:
These scholarships would be awarded to students who are related to any Member of the Society who is in good standing and who attends at least (15) of our regular monthly meetings during the (3) three consecutive years prior to the cut off date of all applications, which is the November general Membership meeting. Members of the Society who have completed (20) twenty years as a Member in good standing and continue to be a Member in good standing, but have relocated to another area that prohibits his/her attending Membership meetings will still qualify for scholarship eligibility. The same will apply to Members voted Life or Honorary Membership. This change to take effect on January 1, 2005.

42 votes for, one against, no abstentions.


If you have any changes to your home address, phone number or employment, please send me your changes so I can update our records. A new roster will be printed over the summer months for distribution at the September meeting.

The next time you are surfing the Internet, please check out the web site of Associate Member Empire Equipment Sales Co., Inc. at Member Michael Scano who is now with Long Island Rail Road invites you to visit their web site at

Interested in sponsoring/advertising on our web site? We still have a few pages that need sponsors. Please contact me for details at [email protected].

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 116
Life Members 16
Editorial Members 1
Associate Members 44
Honorary Members 3
Original Equipment Manufacturer 1
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 2
Total Membership 183

Attendance at the May meeting:
Members 49
Guests 10
Total 59

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:
Bill Misita, Retired - 94, 9/92 -
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. - 70, 5/94 - 5/03
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford - 63, 3/89 - 1/97
Robert Lagnese, Farmingdale University - 59, 1/97 -
Carl Orza, Delta Transmissions - 57, 3/97 -
John Cigna, Retired - 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Pat De Martino, Con Edison - 44, 10/90 - 2/96
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. - 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired - 36, 3/97 - 10/01
Bill Ross, Sprague Energy - 33, 11/95 - 1/00


As we move into the summer break, please remember the Journal and keep asking your vendors for an ad. If each Member brings in one additional ad we will have an outstanding Journal to honor Member Nick Markatos with.


A great big thank you goes out to Associate Member Showky Kaldawy of Mondial Automotive for sponsoring the May meeting cocktail hour and program at a last minute notice. Their program by Rick Hallock, National Sales Manager, for Powermaster Battery Corp. of Bohemia, NY was packed with information on battery history, safety, construction, manufacturing, charging, recycling and much more. Their handout booklet on Helpful Battery Hints was also packed with battery information.

The winner of the Big Draw of $50.00 was Member Michael Scano of Long Island Rail Road and he donated his proceeds to the Kiddy Picnic.


As we come to the end of another year, we are still looking for Members for the Society. We need to add to the Membership roster, regular Members that will bring the Society to the next level. Please during the summer months, any Fleet Supervisor you come into contact with, promote the Society and give them an application. If you don't have any, call me and I will send them out to you.

Have a great summer and congratulations to the new Officers of the Society.

Members on the move:
Member Michael Scano is now with Long Island Rail Road of Hollis, NY as the Manager - Vehicle Fleet Operations and oversees 575 vehicles.

Inducted at the May meeting:
Noel Prodigalidad, President of Siphon Industries, Inc. of Holbrook, NY as an Associate Member. Noel runs a wholesale and distribution operation for oil and air filters along with various maintenance products for fleet operators.


I recently received a letter from Life Member Joe Valenti's daughter and she states that Joe has just returned from Hawaii and has taken off to Atlantic City. He is doing well and enjoying his retirement years.

I will be contacting our retired Members over the summer months and hope to hear from all them soon

I recently received a letter from Life Member Joe Valenti's daughter and she states that Joe has just returned from Hawaii and has taken off to Atlantic City. He is doing well and enjoying his retirement years.

I will be contacting our retired Members over the summer months and hope to hear from all them soon.


Please note that the Bylaw change for the Society of Fleet Supervisors Scholarship attendance requirement does not take effect until January 1, 2005 and the current attendance requirement for six out of the eight meetings for 2004 remains in effect. We have already received six applications so far and I'm sure there are more to come. We will be awarding eight $1,000.00 scholarships for 2004. Please get your applications submitted as soon as possible so we can start the verification process.


We couldn't have asked for better weather on Sunday for the Kiddy Picnic! What a fabulous event we had for the kids and adults as well. Thank you to all those who helped out and a great big thank you to all the generous donors who, without their contributions, would not have made this event possible.

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations to the Kiddy Picnic:
Member William McVeigh - $100.00
Member Michael Scano - $50.00
All Points Bus Upholstery & Supplies Inc. - $250.00
Consolidated Bus Transit - $100.00
Popular Ford - $45.00


Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to retired Member James McElwee who is recovering from bypass surgery.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

7/1 Donna Sauchelli (Edward)
7/2 Leon Bloom
7/8 Janie Gelinas (Thomas)
7/8 George Oristano (Linda McCabe)
7/8 Victor Varonier
7/9 Thomas Stagnitta
7/10 Sandy Dozis (John)
7/10 Mikki Mitrakos (Thomas)
7/11 George Pastor
7/12 Frank Fontana
7/13 Penelope Angelopoulos (Prodromos)
7/14 Patricia Dardzinski (Stephen)
7/14 Clement Drummond
7/20 Margaret Consiglio (Henry)
7/21 Thomas Stagnitta
7/22 Laura Arbsetti (Gino)
7/22 Betty Johanson (Robert)
7/22 Sally Ann Logerfo (John)
7/28 Anne O'Sullivan (Mortimer)
7/29 Patricia Cohen
7/30 Michele Huresky (Steven)
8/1 Ann Bruce (Michael)
8/1 Dennis Meehan
8/2 Liz Maher (Robert)
8/3 Anne Madden (Dennis)
8/5 Kathleen Meehan (Dennis)
8/6 Lori Vavrinec (Marty)
8/7 Daniel Coranoto
8/8 Sherrie Fauci (Robert)
8/8 Mary Ann Spiotto (Robert)
8/11 Garry Raff
8/12 Greg Lent
8/12 Linda McCabe
8/12 Cindy White (Joseph)
8/13 Joseph Calderaro Jr.
8/13 James Fisher
8/20 Carole Costantin (John)
8/20 Vincenza Parisi (Vincent)
8/27 Eva Mandel (Martin)
8/28 Peter Pepe
8/28 Elena Shopis (John)
8/28 Salvatore Tesi
9/3 Donna Lent (Greg)
9/8 Avi Mordekovich
9/14 Mitchell Blane
9/14 Elaine Lewis (Arthur)
9/14 Robert Maher
9/15 Diana Torres (Greg)
9/18 James Rich
9/19 Peter Clark
9/20 Kathy Iannotta (John)
9/21 Alfred Klingbeil
9/22 Sharon Manasseh (Reginald)
9/23 Francis Dejana (Peter)
9/23 Michael Iannizzi
9/25 Yolanda Calderaro (Joseph)
9/25 Lynn Cordiello (Michael)
9/26 Jeffrey Kaye
9/27 Marilyn Gibbons (Dennis)
9/27 Reginald Manasseh
9/28 Peter Dejana
9/29 Teddy Moustakas
9/29 Vincent Parisi
9/30 Lisa Ann Aull (Donald)
9/30 John Dozis
9/30 Vincent Gulotta
9/30 Kathy Orza (Carl)

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