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January 2004


I hope every one had a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

As most are aware, the weather played scrooge with our holiday party this year. I felt it was better to take an alternate date, than ask people to come out on a night that would have been riskier and less enjoyable. The new date for the party is January 24, 2003. I hope everyone can be there.

Smartbrake, a new engine exhaust brake system, is our program for the January meeting. I urge every one to start the New Year off right and attend.

There might still be brick tickets available for those who missed the opportunity to purchase them earlier. Don't miss out twice.


Welcome back! I hope you all had a great holiday season.
We are at the New Hyde Park Inn through the May 2004 meeting.
The EXPO 2004 is coming up fast. April 28th is just around the corner. Get your exhibit table reservations in now. We are offering a $25 discount on all paid registrations that we receive by February 15th. Use the exhibitor's application included in this month's Newsletter or you may download a copy from our web site at anytime. Exhibit booths are limited and are on a first come, first served basis. You may call me for more information at (718) 388-0426.


March is creeping up on us fast. If you have a Bylaws change proposal, please submit it in writing before the March meeting.

Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:
Bylaw IX Dues and Initiation Fee

1. Initiation fee - ($20.00) twenty dollars to accompany application (Amended 5/17/95)

2. Member dues - ($50.00) fifty dollars annually (Amended 5/15/02)

3. Editorial - exempt from dues (Added 5/17/95)

4. Apprentice Fleet Supervisor - ($50.00) fifty dollars annually (Amended 5/15/02)

5. Associate Member dues - ($450.00) four hundred fifty dollars annually. (Amended 5/17/95)

6. Honorary and Life: no further dues for the life of the Member.

7. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): ($450.00) four hundred fifty dollars annually. (Amended 5/15/96)


2004 dues letters have been sent out to the Membership. If you have not received your dues notice, please let me know and I will mail or fax a duplicate to you.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 121
Life Members 16
Editorial Members 1
Associate Members 43
Honorary Members 2
Original Equipment Manufacturer 1
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 2

Total Membership 186

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:
Bill Misita, Jellinek Auto Radiator - 89, 9/92 -
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. - 70, 5/94 - 5/03
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford - 63, 3/89 - 1/97
Robert Lagnese, SUNY, Farmingdale - 54, 1/97 -
John Cigna, Retired - 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Carl Orza, Retired - 52, 3/97 -
Pat De Martino, Con Edison - 44, 10/90 - 2/96
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. - 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired - 36, 3/97 - 10/01
Bill Ross, Sprague Energy - 33, 11/95 - 1/00


Due to the cancellation of the 2003 Annual Scholarships Awards Dinner, the selection of the 2004 Member of the Year has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 24th. I hope you all will be able to join us and celebrate the occasion with our 2004 nominee. Journal ad applications will be available in the February Newsletter and I am sure that you all will help make the 2004 Journal a success.


January starts a brand New Year for all of us as well as the Society. We need to increase our Membership with Members that would like to get involved with the Society and to see it prosper. Please start discussing the Society with all Fleet Supervisors you come in contact with.
I hope everyone had a Safe and enjoyable Holiday Season.


Our next presenter for our January 21st meeting will be David Phillips of Hersham Valves, Inc. (Smartbrake). Mr. Phillips is one of the principles and Vice President of Worldwide Operations. He will be visiting us from Rochester, Michigan to discuss how Smartbrake can improve your safety and help reduce your operating costs.

Hersham Valves, Inc. manufactures a guillotine style endurance brake (Smartbrake) and has been in business for the past 35 years. The company was founded by Vic Harris in the United Kingdom and has equipped over one million vehicles worldwide with Smartbrake.

Smartbrake is a secondary brake that utilizes the diesel engine to slow the vehicle down. Listed below are some of the key features the Smartbrake product line offers:

· Provides quiet but powerful and reliable secondary braking
· Adjustable secondary braking from minimum to maximum for altering weather, load and terrain conditions
· Fully automated rapid engine warm-up mode
· Fully automated warm-up at idle
· Emergency engine shutdown device

Smartbrake can be installed on light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

If you're interested in learning more about the Smartbrake and how it can improve your safety and reduce your operating cost, please attend the January 21st meeting.


Unfortunately due to the inclement weather on the night of the Scholarship Awards Dinner, we had to cancel the event. 2003 Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarships will be selected and awarded at the rescheduled date of Saturday, January 24, 2004. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (516) 379-7950.
We are now accepting scholarship applications for 2004. Please remember your meeting attendance requirement that you must fulfill for eligibility.


Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Dan Coranoto recovering from a knee operation on Dec. 3rd.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

2/2 Marty Vavrinec
2/3 Sue Felicetta (Frank)
2/4 Lorraine Ferraro (George)
2/6 Edward McCormack
2/6 Paul Messuri
2/7 Patricia Harte (Tim)
2/7 Greg Torres
2/10 Phil Dutot
2/10 Cynthia Huffmire (Leonard)
2/11 Dennis Roskop
2/13 Alan Klebanoff
2/14 Samuel Blakley
2/17 Cathy Wyman (Kenneth)
2/18 Emma Colageo (Joseph Milea)
2/19 Raymond Kearney
2/20 Joan Martell (Fred)
2/21 Joseph Valenti
2/22 Anthony Falconiere
2/23 William Misita
2/23 Rosalie Pepe (Peter)


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