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March 2003


It seems that every now and then Mother Nature likes to play havoc with our meetings. I hope the recent snow that forced the cancellation of the February meeting, means we will enjoy good weather for the EXPO, Kiddy Picnic and Golf Outing.

I am sure that since everybody missed the February meeting, our March meeting will be standing room only. The program will be exciting, and holding true to our mission be very informative.

Hope to see you all there.


Sorry for any inconveniences that may have been caused by the cancellation of February's meeting due to the snowstorm. We tried to get the word out by email and on the website as soon as possible. We are back at the New Hyde Park Inn for the March, April and the May meetings.

Only one month left before the EXPO arrives! We are almost sold out but there are a few tables left. Call me now for your table if you haven't done so. Free admission tickets have been sent out to the Membership to be distributed to your co-workers and anyone you know who may benefit from our EXPO. If you need more tickets, please call me.

I am currently working on another project with Professor Bob Lagnese from Farmingdale University on getting a program started for training diesel technicians to meet our needs for the future. As you all know there is a critical shortage of qualified diesel technicians and the industry requires more technicians each year. We need help from you, the Membership, by sending a letter on your company's letterhead stating our need for qualified diesel technicians. These letters will help Farmingdale University obtain the grants they need from the State of New York to offer the necessary courses. I have a sample letter that you can use. Please call me at (718) 821-4096 and I will get the sample letter to you. Thanks in advance.


Last call for any Bylaw change proposals! Any proposal must be submitted in writing by the March 19th meeting.

Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:

Bylaw VI Elections

1. The election of Officers shall be conducted at the May meeting.

2. At the March meeting, the President shall oversee the formation of a Nominating Committee. This Committee will consist of (5) five Members as follows: a Chairperson, who will be the immediate past President or a past President if the immediate past President is unable, unwilling or unavailable to accept this position for whatever reason; (2) two former Executive Board Members and (2) two full Members. The Nominating Committee Members will be chosen by the Nominating Committee Chairperson. This Committee shall prepare a slate of Officers for presentation to the regular meeting in April. Other candidates may be nominated from the floor at this time. The Secretary shall send the report of the nominations with the notice of the May meeting. To be eligible for nomination for the Office of President, any Member grade must be or have at some previous time, served as an Officer and/or Member of the Executive Committee for a full term.

3. Members may vote in person or by proxy. Proxy may also be by mail, addressed to the Secretary.

4. No candidate may be proposed without his/her consent.

5. Voting may be by acclamation. If there is more than (1) one candidate for office, the election for that office shall be by secret ballot. The votes shall be counted by (2) two tellers who shall be named by the chair.

6. The full voting powers shall be vested in the Member grade of the Society. The Associate grade Member shall have (1) one vote at a regular meeting only, but shall have no vote at the May meeting or in the election of Officers of the Society. The Apprentice Feet Supervisor shall have no vote at any meeting or in the election of Officers of the Society. Only those Members shall be entitled to vote whose dues are paid for the current year, as so defined by the Bylaws VI Elections, par. #6.


Email notifications for the February meeting cancellation were sent to all Members who have an email address on file with us. Anyone who did not receive an email notification from me and has email access should send me an email message to [email protected] indicating you did not receive the notification. This way I can add or update your email address to our current list.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 133
Life Members 16
Editorial Members 1
Associate Members 48
Honorary Members 1
Original Equipment Manufacturer 0
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 2

Total Membership 201

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:

Bill Misita, Jellinek Auto Radiator - 83, 9/92 -
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. - 68, 5/94 -
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford - 63, 3/89 - 1/97
John Cigna, Retired - 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Robert Lagnese, SUNY, Farmingdale - 48, 1/97 -
Carl Orza, Retired - 46, 3/97 -
Pat De Martino, Con Edison - 44, 10/90 - 2/96
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. - 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired - 36, 3/97 - 10/01
Bill Ross, Sprague Energy - 33, 11/95 - 1/00


Ads are beginning to come in. We need everybody's help to make this journal a success. Journal ad applications are available from our web site.


Sorry we didn't have a chance to see you in February but hopefully you are out there talking up the Society and looking for candidates for Membership. If there is anything that I could help you with, please contact me.

Third and final dues payment notices have been sent out to all delinquent Members. Please pay your dues or you will be subject to being dropped from the Membership at the end of March.


Our program will be provided by Navistar International Engineers and will discuss the latest technological innovations.


We have already received our first application for the 2003 Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship. Please get your applications in as soon as possible so we can start the reviewing process. Please remember your attendance requirement that must be fulfilled before you can be eligible. We have allotted six $1000.00 scholarships for the year of 2003. Due to the cancellation of the February meeting, the attendance requirement has been lowered to attending five out of the seven meetings for this year only.


Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Dennis Roskop for a heart operation in mid February.

Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Associate Member Nick Markatos for another hospitalized stay. Nick re-injured his hip when he slipped and fell on ice.

Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Jack Lawson for an operation at the end of February.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

4/2 Phyllis Kodner (Mark)
4/3 Jennifer Davidson (Edward)
4/4 Anna Provisiero (Ralph)
4/6 Josephine Logan (Robert)
4/7 Ivan Crandon
4/10 Kuen-Ah Polanco (James)
4/12 Richard Fevang
4/14 Ruth Dutot (Phil)
4/14 Marion Taub (Alan)
4/17 Gino Arbasetti
4/17 Fred Martell
4/22 Stephen Dardzinski
4/23 Richard Sciortino
4/23 Nuno Tardo
4/25 Mortimer O'Sullivan
4/26 Edward Davidson
4/27 Tom Mitrakos
4/30 Robert Johanson

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