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September 2002


Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great summer. The Officers, Committee chairs and I look forward to making the upcoming year informative and enjoyable for everyone. We look forward to growing with the Society, making the programs informative and challenging, building on last year's successes, and getting input and involvement from all of our Members. I thank you for the opportunity to guide the Society this coming year, and want to remind everyone that this Society belongs to all its Members. Without that involvement, it will not grow.

The Society has lost one of its long time Life Members, Mr. Harold Klebanoff. Harold passed away on August 9th in Florida. In addition to building a successful business, Harold was active in the Society serving as President, First Vice President, and Treasurer. Harold was the Society's Man of the Year in 1984. Even from his retirement home in Florida, Harold kept up with the progress of the Society and wrote often. We will miss him.

For our first meeting on September 18th, we have a great educational presentation that I believe you will benefit from. During this presentation, we will learn new techniques to create a positive work environment for our crews and ourselves. Please join us that night as we keep pace with the future.


Welcome back and I hope you all had a great summer. We are back at the New Hyde Park Inn through the November meeting.

We are moving along on the 2003 EXPO. Please send in your registration forms by Feb. 1, 2003 to reserve your table now. After Feb. 1, tables are at first come, first served.


We are once again open to accepting Bylaw change proposals for 2003. All proposals must be submitted in writing no later than the March 2003 meeting.

Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:

Bylaw V Meetings

Meetings of the Society shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month. Legal holidays, June, July and August may be excepted. Regular monthly meetings to be held in September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. The December meeting is to be the Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner. (Amended 5/17/00)

Newly elected Officers will assume the duties of their office the third Wednesday in June. The formal installation of newly elected Officers will be held at the September regular meeting.

Executive meetings of the Society shall be held according to section III of the Bylaws. (5) Five Members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at these meetings.

The order of business at the May meeting shall be as follows:

1. Reading of the minutes
2. Report of the Secretary
3. Report of the Treasurer
4. Report of the Standing Committees
5. Report of the Special Committees
6. Report of election results
7. Report of the President
(Amended 5/16/01)

(20) Twenty Members present at a meeting of the Society shall constitute a quorum. (5) Five Members of the Executive Committee at a meeting regularly called shall constitute a quorum. The order of a business meeting shall be as follows:

1. Reading of the minutes
2. Secretary's report
3. Treasurer's report
4. Report of Standing Committees
5. Report of Special Committees
6. Unfinished business
7. New business
8. Presentation of program
9. Adjournment


2002 Constitution, Bylaws and Rosters will be available at the September and October meetings. If you would like your copy mailed to you, please send me a note and I will get it out to you.

Another web site from our Membership has been added to our growing list. Please stop by and visit Associate Member Huntington Chevrolet's web site at the next time you're on the Internet.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 129
Life Members 17
Editorial Members 1
Associate Members 45
Honorary Members 1
Original Equipment Manufacturer 0
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 2

Total Membership 195

Current consecutive attendance records are:

Bill Misita, Jellinek Auto Radiator - 79, 9/92 -
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford - 63, 3/89 - 1/97
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. - 64, 5/94 -
John Cigna, Retired - 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Pat De Martino, Con Edison - 44, 10/90 - 2/96
Robert Lagnese, SUNY, Farmingdale - 44, 1/97 -
Carl Orza, Retired - 42, 3/97 -
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. - 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired - 36, 3/97 - 10/01
Bill Ross, Sprague Energy - 33, 11/95 - 1/00


Time is running short... There are only two regular meetings this year before we have to go to the printer. We need your help to make this journal a success. To date we have 21 non-Member journal ads solicited by 7 Members. With 129 full Members on the roster, if each solicited an ad from just one of your vendors, the journal would be a huge success. You can download an application from our web page at or see me at the September meeting.


Nothing new to report on the Membership front except that it's a New Year and we need Members, Members and Members. Let's go out and talk up the Society to all new potential Fleet Supervisors and get them involved with our Society. We currently have three potential new Members for approval at the September meeting.


Come join Business Coach and Manager Linda Mazza from Step-Up Presentations, Inc. and Gabrielli Truck Sales for an exciting, informative presentation on "How to Increase Productivity through Positive Reinforcement."

In this presentation, Linda will address what motivates people to excel in the workplace and how to attain outstanding results from the people we work with as well as the people who work for you. Linda has a warm, friendly upbeat way of presenting new techniques to empower others and ourselves in the work environment. She informed me that she will be bringing unique gifts to give out to us at the end of her 30 minute presentation. You won't want to miss this meeting! Lets kick off our new year with a fun, empowering evening with Linda Mazza!

Linda is a Business Coach and credit manager. She has recently partnered with Life Coach Patricia Scully and formed Step-Up Presentations, Inc. This company offers empowering training programs, Coaching and on-site seminars that address issues in the workplace. Linda is currently working with Gabrielli Truck Sales as a credit manager and business coach. She creates and facilitates training programs to the sales teams at Gabrielli, and other organizations on Long Island.


Interviews were conducted on June 16th at S.U.N.Y., Farmingdale for the Hank Hasiwar Scholarship. From a group of six well deserving candidates we made our selection of two. These two candidates will be awarded $1000.00 scholarships each at the October meeting.

We are still taking scholarship applications for the SFS scholarship. Please remember the deadline is the November meeting and you must meet the attendance requirement to qualify for a scholarship.


The Special Activities Committee is very excited about this up coming year. The first item on our menu is the Scholarship Awards Dinner. It will be held at Leonard's of Great Neck again and the date is Saturday, December 7th. Please contact me and make your reservations early.

The 10,000 BRICKS raffle tickets will be available at the September meeting. We would like to see each couple attending the Awards Diner with at least one Brick Ticket.

Last year, our Kiddy Party was a great success and I want to thank each and every person and all the companies that donated money for the toys and games. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can do this even better I would like to hear from you.

Our June Golf Outing was once again considered the best golf outing by any organization. We all worked hard and our Scholarship Fund has benefited.

Hope to see you all at the September Meeting.


There is a mix of good news and bad news that occurred over the summer months to report to the Membership.

Our belated condolences go out to Member Peter Domante and family on the loss of his mother in June.

Our belated condolences go out to Associate Member Nestor Zaragoza and family on the loss of his mother in July.

Speedy recovery and get-well wishes go out to Associate Member Armando Gabrielli recovering from a heart attack in July.

Congratulations to Associate Member Fred Provenzano and wife Anna on the birth of their son Michael on August 9, 2002. Michael was a healthy nine pounds, three ounces.

Our condolences and deepest sympathy go out to the family of Life Member Harold Klebanoff on his passing on August 9, 2002.

Speedy recovery and get-well wishes go out to Life Member Roger Tomassi who is now at home recouping from a hospitalized illness during mid August.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

10/01 Larry Bellack
10/01 Vincent Cinotti
10/01 Darren Kaplan
10/02 Tony Benanti
10/02 James McElwee
10/04 Sara Klebanoff (Alan)
10/06 Robert Logan
10/06 Jody Ravner
10/07 Michael Bruce
10/07 Virginia Drummond (Clement)
10/08 Edgar Ebert
10/09 Christine Gulmi (Ronald)
10/10 Roger Preuss
10/10 Roger Tomassi
10/11 Maria Coranoto (Daniel)
10/11 Barbara De Martino (Pat)
10/14 Philip Parisi
10/15 Tim Harte
10/15 Betty Schwimmer (Robert)
10/16 James Polanco
10/14 Pete Catarelli
10/18 Nick Pavlides
10/19 Dennis Gibbons
10/20 Mavis Crandon (Ivan)
10/21 Frank Carpenter
10/23 Doreen Dent (Roger)
10/25 Joanne De Mizio (Steven)
10/25 Barbara Ann Gulotta (Vincent)
10/26 Karen Kearney (Raymond)
10/31 David Ungerer

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