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March 2002


The February program from World Information Systems, presented by Mr. Floyd McCall was an important message to all of us concerning how a computerized database of your fleet will enable you to better handle our objectives. With the proper auditing, it can predict failures - before they occur, high light weak areas that require attention, provide a history to enhance warranty recovery, and show what type of components should and should not be used on your next vehicle order. It can also define areas where your personnel may require additional training.

If your Membership dues are not paid by March 1, 2002, your Membership could be subject to termination.

All proposed Bylaw changes must be submitted to Tim Harte, in writing at the March meeting.

The EXPO is close at hand; April 24,2002 at the New Hyde Park Inn. This will be an EXPO only - no meeting. Contact Frank Almona for your display booth, or vehicle display needs. The Free tickets will be sent to all Members and Associates. If you require additional tickets -please contact Frank. We need all our Members to promote the EXPO to everyone you know in the industry, along with our telephone solicitations to make this the best Expo ever.

See you on March 20th.


The EXPO committee has decided to change the location for the 2002 EXPO on April 24, 2002 back to the New Hyde Park Inn in New Hyde Park, NY. We were concerned with the considerable costs of holding the EXPO at Leonard's. We hope this move will not inconvenience any Members who were planning on attending the EXPO. Time is starting to get short so get your table reservation in now. We have numerous sponsors that have already jumped on board. Don't be left out because you waited for the last minute. Tables are limited and are starting to move at a brisk rate. We are moving full steam ahead to bring you a great EXPO, one that you will approve of.

We have a raffle for a 25" color TV that will be drawn at the EXPO donated by Goodyear Tire & Rubber obtained by Alan Taub of South Shore Tire & Rubber. Tickets are $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00 and will be available at the March and April meetings as well as the EXPO.

For our remaining meetings through May, we will be at the New Hyde Park Inn. This location has proven to be the most centralized meeting location for us and it has the capacity and available parking to meet our needs. If you have a suggestion for a different location, please contact me so I can check it out.


We have received one Bylaw Change Proposal so far. The deadline for submitting any Bylaws change proposal is Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at the March meeting. Please remember your Bylaw change proposal must be in writing.

Excerpts from our Constitution:

Bylaw X Payment of Dues

1. The fiscal year, for dues purposes shall be the calendar year.

2. Dues shall be payable January 1 or on notice except for the President of the Society while in office.

3. Those Members joining during the first (6) six month's of any year shall pay a full current year's dues; those joining after July 1st shall pay (1/2) one half of the annual dues for the balance of the fiscal year. Any Member inducted at the November meeting would be exempt from dues for the current year. (Amended 5/19/93)

4. Any Member whose dues remain unpaid by January 31st shall be deemed delinquent and a second notice shall be mailed. All new Members' dues are due at the time of their induction to the Society. Any privileges will not be granted to any new Member until such dues are paid in full. (Amended 5/17/95)

5. The Membership Committee shall have the power to terminate Membership if the dues are not paid within (30) thirty days after a Member or an Associate is deemed delinquent.

6. Any Associate Member inducted during the November meeting would be required to pay in full the coming year's dues. (Added 5/19/99)


Our newest Associate Member Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison's web site can be reached at Stop by and check out their site that is packed with information.

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 142
Life Members 18
Editorial Members 1
Associate Members 50
Honorary Members 1
Original Equipment Manufacturer 0
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 4

Total Membership 216

Current consecutive attendance records are:

Bill Misita, Jellinek Auto Radiator - 76, 9/92 -
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford - 63, 3/89 - 1/97
George Pastor, Petro Inc. - 61, 5/94 -
John Cigna, Retired - 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Pat De Martino, Con Edison - 44, 10/90 - 2/96
Robert Lagnese, SUNY, Farmingdale - 41, 1/97 -
Carl Orza, Retired - 39, 3/97 -
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. - 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired - 36, 3/97 - 10/01
Bill Ross, Sprague Energy - 33, 11/95 - 1/00


Floyd E. McCall, Chairman of World Information Systems, Inc. presented us with an interesting discussion on their latest industry maintenance software utilizing bar code technology that could reduce maintenance costs, increase the resale value and aid in better specifications of our fleets.

The winner of the Big Draw of $50.00 was Marty Vavrinec of Oceanside Transmissions, Inc.


The Journal Committee consists of Frank Carpenter, We Transportation, Richie Chan, Maher Terminals, Frank Almona, All Boro Engine, Bob "Glass" Fauci, New York Auto Glass and myself. We are still looking for a few more Members to help out on this committee. Lets make this Journal the best we have ever done. You can contact any of us for information on this year's Journal. As you all know, this Journal subsidizes many of our functions such as the Kiddy Picnic, Scholarship Awards Dinner, Health and Welfare Committee, which would not be available to us otherwise.


Congress has directed the Department of Transportation to draw up guidelines for states to use for encoding data on driver's licenses that would prevent criminals from using fake ID's. If a national standard were adopted and DOT would certainly push for national standard, any official in any state could check any driver's license issued in any other state.

Hydrogen Vehicles

Natural Gas Fuels, a trade publication, says hydrogen-fueled vehicles, like their predecessors in the alternative fuel industry, face a dilemma. Which comes first, the vehicle that uses the fuel or an infrastructure to support the vehicle? And there is another critical question that must be resolved for hydrogen: how will the hydrogen be obtained?

These questions pose profound fundamental ramifications for the progress of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel. The automotive sector, especially in the United States favors liquid fuels such as gasoline and methanol. But numerous problems must be overcome before either becomes as practical and economical as the hydrogen carrier of the future.


At this time we still have three (3) new Associate Member openings and hopefully they will be able to attend the March meeting to be inducted. There is only one full Member that is on the list and as soon as he shows up he will be inducted.

Please remember to pay your dues promptly. There are many full Members and Associate Members that have not paid their dues as of this writing.

Remember, for our Society to grow strong we need a good Membership base. Please discuss our Society with all of the Fleet Supervisors that you talk with daily.

Inducted at the February Meeting was:

  • Tony Benanti, Vice President Automotive Engine Sales for Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison of Lodi, NJ as an Associate Member. Tony oversees the sales of Detroit Diesel Engines and Allison Transmissions in the New York Metropolitan area.


I hope every one enjoyed the February meeting. I am sorry I missed it but other things took precedence. Once again I would like to thank Bruno Truck Sales for bringing in General Motors. The Powertrain division will now bring new developments to us for the month of March. Greg Fisher, GM's Powertrain Instructor for the Northeast Region will present and demonstrate for us some interesting ideas.

Both GM and BRUNO Truck Sales will pick up the cocktail hour. It is always a pleasure to see so many companies taking a big interest in making our meetings the best they could be. We need to show our thanks by being present for their presentation and also show some common courtesy not to carry on other conversations.

I have not committed to any one company for the programs during the months of April and May. Please send in all requests/suggestions as soon as possible. Thank you.


Two scholarships of $1,000.00 each for the Hank Hasiwar Scholarship were approved for 2002 at the February Executive Board meeting. Candidates from S.U.N.Y., Farmingdale will be interviewed in June and the scholarships will be awarded at the October, 2002 meeting.

Six scholarships of $1,000.00 each for the Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship were also approved for 2002 at the February Executive Board meeting. As you all know, these are the scholarships that are awarded to any Member or their family members at the Annual Scholarships Awards Dinner in December. Get your applications in early and remember your meeting attendance requirement. Guidelines for qualifications can be found in your Bylaws under Bylaw IV, Duties of Standing Committees, Society of Fleet Supervisors Scholarship Fund.


Our deepest condolences and sympathies go out to Associate Member Bill Misita on the passing of his father, Nunzio J. Misita on Feb. 24, 2002.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

4/1 John Fochtman
4/1 Paul Santoro
4/3 Jennifer Davidson (Edward)
4/4 Anna Provisiero (Ralph)
4/5 Gerri Ceriello (Robert)
4/6 Josephine Logan (Robert)
4/7 Ivan Crandon
4/7 Rita Hydock (Edward)
4/10 Kuen-Ah Polanco (James)
4/12 Richard Fevang
4/13 Donato Natiello
4/14 Ruth Dutot (Phillip)
4/14 Marion Taub (Alan)
4/17 Fred Martell
4/20 Gino Arbasetti
4/21 Robert Ceriello
4/22 Stephen Dardzinski
4/23 Richard Sciortino
4/23 Nuno Tardo
4/25 Mortimer O'Sullivan
4/26 Edward Davidson

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