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December 2002


On behalf of the Officers and Executive Board of the Society of Fleet Supervisors, I would like to extend our best wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity this Holiday season and New Year, to all of our Members, Associate Members and friends of the Society.

The program for January will be provided by either, Caterpillar Engine or Detroit Diesel. I urge everyone to attend.


This is just a reminder to all Members that we have no regular meeting during December. We will be back at the New Hyde Park for the January through May meetings.

The 2003 EXPO is moving along rapidly. I expect this event to be a sellout before February at the rate reservations and paid exhibit tables are coming in. Our display area is limited to 56 tables and if you want to have a display at the EXPO, please get your reservation in now. Call me for an application or you can download a copy from our website at


Excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws:

Article VIII Amendments

1. The Constitution may be amended at the May meeting by a (2/3) two-thirds vote and/or by voting by proxy of the Member grade. Any proposed change must be submitted in writing by the March meeting. The proposed amendment shall be read at the April meeting and written notice of said amendment shall be mailed to every eligible voting Member (15) fifteen days in advance of the May meeting. Only a Member of Member grade in good standing may submit an Article change proposal. (Amended 5/17/00)

Bylaw XII Amendments

1. These Bylaws may be amended at any May meeting by a (2/3) two thirds vote and/or voting by proxy of the Member grade. Any proposed Bylaw change must be submitted in writing by the March meeting. The proposed written amendment shall be read at the April meeting and written notice of said amendment shall be mailed to every eligible voting Member (15) fifteen days in advance of the May meeting. Any Bylaws may be suspended at a regular meeting of the Society by a (2/3) two-thirds vote of the Members present, for that meeting only. But no permanent alteration or amendment of any Bylaw shall be made except at the time and in the manner prescribed in the preceding paragraph. Only a Member of Member grade in good standing may submit a Bylaw change proposal. (Amended 5/17/00)


Congratulations to the following Members who attended all eight General Meetings during 2002:
Richard Chan
John Costantin
Vincent Gulotta
Robert Lagnese
Edward McCormack
William Misita
Carl Orza
George Pastor
Robert Spiotto
Nuno Tardo

Next time you're on the Internet, please visit the website of our newest Associate Member, Circle Lubricants, Inc. at

Our Associate Member, John Iacono, Inc. has their website up and running and can be found at

Our present Membership is comprised of:
Members 132
Life Members 16
Editorial Members 1
Associate Members 48
Honorary Members 1
Original Equipment Manufacturer 0
Apprentice Fleet Supervisors 2

Total Membership 200

Attendance at the November meeting:
Members 57
Guests 19
Total 76

Current CONSECUTIVE attendance records are:

Bill Misita, Jellinek Auto Radiator - 82, 9/92 -
George Pastor, H. John Davis, Inc. - 67, 5/94 -
Nuno Tardo, Universal Ford - 63, 3/89 - 1/97
John Cigna, Retired - 50, 2/94 - 3/00
Robert Lagnese, SUNY, Farmingdale - 47, 1/97 -
Carl Orza, Retired - 45, 3/97 -
Pat De Martino, Con Edison - 44, 10/90 - 2/96
John Dozis, Fink Baking Co. - 37, 1/96 - 5/00
Nuno Tardo, Retired - 36, 3/97 - 10/01
Bill Ross, Sprague Energy - 33, 11/95 - 1/00


We have been to see the printer with the Journal and all is going well. I would like to thank all who participated in making the 2002 Journal a success, especially Carl Orza. Without his help, I would have been lost at sea.


Environmental Emission Solutions sponsored our monthly program and cocktail hour. Their informative presentation on the Rentar Fuel Catalyst showed us how it can enable a diesel engine to burn more efficiently, reduce exhaust emissions and cut diesel fuel costs.

William McVeigh was the winner of the $50.00 in the BIG DRAW. Bill donated his proceeds to the 2003 Kiddy Picnic.


At the November meeting we were fortunate to bring in one full Member and two Associate Members. At this point we cannot bring in any more Associate Members until we increase our Member/Associate Member ratio by getting full Members to join. Please discuss the Society with everyone that you have contact with and lets start getting those applications to me.

Have a safe and happy Holiday season and see you in January 2003.

Inducted at the November meeting were:
· Leonard Huffmire, Maintenance/Warranty Supervisor for Atlantic Express, Inc. at Ridgewood, NY as a Member. Leonard oversees the maintenance of 1500 vehicles in a school bus fleet. He also oversees facility operations and prepares warranty claims with manufacturers.
· Ronald Birnbaum, President of Circle Lubricants, Inc. of Glen Cove, NY as an Associate Member. Ron is the owner of a distributor of automotive oils and lubricants. Ron was a former Associate Member of the Society under Medallion Oil a few years back.
· Thomas Munno, owner of Double Check Electric of Long Island City, NY as an Associate Member. Tom operates a rebuilding shop for alternators, starters, diesel forklifts, carburetors and batteries.


By the time you read this report, our 2002 Annual Scholarships Awards Dinner will have passed and I am sure we all had a great time. Congratulations to those who received our scholarships and their names will be listed in the January Newsletter.

It is time to start thinking about applying for the 2003 Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship for yourself or one of your family members who is or will be attending college. Please remember our Bylaws state you must complete an eligibility requirement for a scholarship by attending six out of our eight regular meetings during the calendar year.


Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to Member Tim Harte for a hospitalized illness.

Get well and speedy recovery wishes go out to William Ross, Sr., father of Associate Member William Ross, Jr., who suffered a stroke.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out the Life Member Roger Tomassi and family on the loss of his wife, Liese, who passed away on November 10, 2003.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the family of Life Member Thomas Berk who passed away at the age of 94. Tom was one of the founding Members of the Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. in 1945. He served as our first Secretary and was also a past President.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for our following Members and their spouses:

1/1 Deborah Blakley (Samuel)
1/2 Edward Hydock
1/2 Martin Mandel
1/2 Edward Williams
1/3 Valentina Thomaidas
1/7 John Logerfo
1/9 Lillian Atkins (James)
1/9 Arthur Lewis
1/11 Robert Schwimmer
1/12 Peter Domante
1/13 James Jacobi
1/20 Jeanne Bald (Norman)
1/20 Henry Consiglio
1/20 Robert Fauci
1/22 John Collura
1/23 John Davis
1/24 Marie Collura (John)
1/25 Julia Macaluso (Salvatore)
1/25 Paul Millinger
1/26 Norman Bald
1/26 Patricia Davis (John)
1/28 Patricia Dejana (James)
1/28 Pasquale Taddeo
1/29 Carl Orza
1/31 Joan Castaldo (Joseph)
1/31 Robert Crandall

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