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Society of Fleet Supervisors, Inc. Scholarship

The Society, recognizing the enormous cost of education today, has established this fund to help relatives of Members regardless of their field of study. Applications are received once a year from interested students. The Society through the Scholarship Committee makes recommendations to the Membership pertaining to the number and amounts of awards to be made for that year. 

Recipient  Member
Thomas Slawski Lenny Huffmire
Sophia Gambina Nicholas Pavlides
Jamine Cricchio Terry Pickens
Margaret Madden Dennis Madden
Jacob Erdman Carl Orza
Nicole Gugliemo Louis Balazs
Patrick Drummond Clement Drummond
Megan Nicholes Dennis Madden
Meaghan O'Neil James O'Neil
Daniel Pavlides Nick Pavlides
Andrew Carelli Frank Carpenter
Michael Costa Leonard Huffmire
Danielle Pavlides Nicholas Pavlides
Jessica Roskop Dennis Roskop
Joseph Rubenstein Michael Iannizzi
Nicole Fontenot Richard Merenda
John Carlson Susan Denaro
Nicole Cordiello Michael Cordiello
William Dong Richard Chan
Christopher Munno Thomas Munno
Megan Nicholes  Dennis Madden
Ashley O’Neill James O’Neill
James Santinello  Michael Iannizzi
Miles Whelan Clement Drummond
Daniel Cafiero Michael Cafiero
John Carlson Susan Denaro
Andrew Carelli Frank Carpenter
Christina Drummond Clement Drummond
Emily Forese Michael Iannizzi
Jacqueline Munno Thomas Munno
Ashley O'Neil John O'Neil
Gregory Schiliro John Collura
William Borsellino Anthony Borsellino
Matthew Carelli Frank Carpenter
Thomas Casson Dennis Roskop
Amanda Cordiello Michael Cordiello
Jacqueline Munno Thomas Munno
Kyle Mullen Dennis Madden
Ashley Porcelli John Guarriello
Heather Slawski Leonard Huffmire
Erin Tacopma William McVeigh
Daniel Cafiero Michael Cafiero
Ashley DiDonato Mark Kodner
Nicole Hyer Anthony Falconiere
Steven Merenda Richard Merenda
Christine Miastkowski Leonard Huffmire
Michael Schuler Jr. Michael Schuler
Steven Merenda Richard Merenda
Nicole Hyer Anthony Falconiere
Robert Snyder Robert Snyder
Christopher Harte Tim Harte
Amanda Torres William McVeigh
Addison Drummond Clement Drummond
Nicholas Cafiero Michael Cafiero
Jonathan Dong Richard Chan
Dennis Hyer Anthony Falconiere
Caitlin Maher George Ferraro
Ryan Markatos Nicholas Markatos
Kaitlyn O'Neill James O'Neill
Michael Schiliro John Collura
Robert Snyder Robert Snyder
Nicholas Cafiero Michael Cafiero
Erin Fagerland Frank Carpenter
Christopher Harte Tim Harte
Kevin Huffmire Leonard Huffmire
Ryan Markatos Nicholas Markatos
Amanda Rhodes Carl Orza
Zachary Blane Mitchell Blane
Nicole Costantin John Costantin
Anthony Ferraro George Ferraro
Maria Froehlich Michael Iannizzi
Courtney McVeigh William McVeigh
Joseph Roskop Dennis Roskop
Nicole Cordiello Michael Cordiello
Jonathan Dong Richard Chan
Jenna Fishoff John Costantin
Christopher Murtha Leonard Huffmire
Daniel Collura John Collura
Carolann Cotton Michael Iannizzi
Diana Begy George Ferraro
Joseph Bisceglie Anthony Falconiere
Katherine Chan Richard Chan
Andrea Ciminelli Pasquale Taddeo
Joseph Domante Peter Domante
Cassandra Klebanoff Alan Klebanoff
Katie McVeigh William McVeigh
Anthony Natoli Michael Natoli
Veronica Bisceglie Anthony Falconiere
Lisa Carpenter Frank Carpenter
Andrew Gartman Robert Gartman
Jennifer Harte Tim Harte
Kathleen Orza Carl Orza
Elaine Skinner Keith Skinner
Gregory Blane Mitchell Blane
Lisa Grasso Vincent Gulotta
Brenda Keegan Mortimer O'Sullivan
Michael Cavalluzzi Michael Iannizzi
Amanda Drummond Clement Drummond
Joseph McCormack Edward McCormack
Steven Tabeek Bill D'Emic
Jennifer Wyman Kenneth Wyman
Christine Bruce Michael Bruce
Crystal Crandall Robert Crandall
Anne Marie Dozis John Dozis
Heather Lawson Jack Lawson
Laley Morgan Lippard Steve Justice
Danielle Raheb John Cigna
Laura Cavaluzzi Michael Iannizzi
Maria D’Emic Bill D’Emic
Christopher Gartman Robert Gartman
Erol Kavountzis Stanley Pirpinias
Margaret Madden Dennis Madden
Lindsay Schultz Patricia Cohen
Donna Chan Richard Chan
Gina Marie De Martino Pat De Martino
Denise Gulota Vincent Gulota
Thomas Lagnese Robert Lagnese
Dawn Millwater Pasquale Taddeo
Philip Parisi Jr. Philip Parisi
Christine Consiglio Henry Consiglio
Dennis Dozis John Dozis
William Gohl Jr. William Gohl
Kerri Held George Ferraro
Cemile Kavountzis Stanley Pirpinias
Andrea Lagnese Robert Lagnese
Tricia Madden Dennis Madden
Genevieve Misita William Misita
Michael Ravner Jody Ravner
Alyssa Shultz Patricia Cohen
Marc Taub Alan Taub
Thomas Almona Frank Almona
Sara Aronin Carl Aronin
Michael Domante Peter Domante
Christopher Orza Carl Orza
George Pastor George Pastor
Betty Schwimmer Robert Schwimmer
Mary Wyman Kenneth Wyman
Marisol Aronin Carl Aronin
Danielle Ferraro George Ferraro
Catherine Merenda Richard Merenda
Michael Murphy Michael Murphy
Danielle Pastor George Pastor
Gregory Rocco Thomas Rocco
Susan Davis John Davis
Thomas Stagnitta Thomas Stagnitta
Frank Fontana Jr. Frank Fontana Sr.
Denise Gulotta Vincent Gulotta
Steven La Mantia Joe Valenti
Sean Lynch Dennis Madden
Nicole Misita William Misita
Craig Tardo Nuno Tardo
Christina Coranoto Dan Coranoto
Tara Ferraro George Ferraro
Chris Fontana Frank Fontana
Michael Lamantia Joe Valenti
Nicole Misita William Misita
Brian Schwimmer Robert Schwimmer
Jeanmarie Capone Dennis Madden
Suzanne Felicetta Frank Felicetta
Christine Iannizzi Mike Iannizzi
Jeff Marcus Robert Marcus
Michael Orza Carl Orza
Sandra Taub Alan Taub
Lisa Tepfenhardt Robert Tepfenhardt
Laura Fraccalvieri Dan Fraccalvieri
Karen Martell Fred Martell
Lisa Tepfenhardt Robert Tepfenhardt

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