Vanessa Mercado

Vanessa Mercado

Born in August 1978 and raised in Queens, Vanessa attended Queens Borough Community College and Brooklyn College, where she majored in Business and Finance. After college she started her career in business began her career managing a clothing database for an upscale clothing retailer, Gropius Design, with fourteen stores.

Today, Vanessa is an interval, indispensable and major asset for several successful businesses. Vanessa serves on the board of trustees of Better Leadership America and she served as Secretary/Treasurer of the political campaign of Friends of Mike Ricatto in 2008. In 2000 Vanessa started working for Mike Ricatto as a bookkeeper and right hand at Red Fleet Haulage. Since 2003, she has managed the office of Advanced Fleet Maintenance and its affiliate Superior Diesel Tech Inc.

Vanessa has devoted her life and career to our community and to the future of our city, our state and our country. She quickly became a mainstay in the business, civic and political organizations in our area. In August 2007, Vanessa received a proclamation from former Senator Serf Maltese of New York’s 15th State Senate District recognizing individuals who give positive definition to the profile and disposition of the great State of New York and who profoundly strengthen our shared commitment to the exercise of freedom.

A Member of the Society of Fleet Supervisors since 2005, Vanessa has been active on the Executive Board where she has served as Secretary from 2008-2010 and currently is the 2nd Vice President. She volunteers for the following organizations: Italian American Museum and the Italian Charities of America.

It is our honor to introduce Vanessa Mercado as the Society of Fleet Supervisors’ Member of the Year for 2011.


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