Michael Cordiello

Our 2008 Member of the Year, Michael Cordiello, was born in June 1963 in Jamaica, NY and attended Calhoun High School, a vocational school for automotive mechanics. After graduation, he began working for the Varsity Bus Company and in 1981 came to the Logan Bus Company. While working for Logan Bus, he was given the opportunity to grow with the company. Logan Bus has grown from 350 vehicles in 1981 to approximately 1,400 vehicles today. While serving in maintenance in the beginning of his career, he became a hands-on person in all aspects of the company, always striving for perfection.

Presently Mike directly oversees 500 vehicles in three Bronx locations and consults in the management of 900 vehicles in three Queens locations. His versatility now includes some public relations. He visits with school principals, assistant principals and bus coordinators to improve service.

Mike has been an active Member of the Society since 2001. A few years later, he volunteered for the Special Activities Committee to assist then Chairman Mike Iannizzi. As the present Chairman of the Special Activities Committee, Mike oversees the Scholarships Awards Dinner and the Kiddy Picnic.

Mike currently resides in Westbury, New York with his lovely wife Lynn and their two daughters Nichole and Amanda, all of whom are extremely proud of Mike’s hard work ethic both on the job and at home.

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