Robert Francis Fauci

Robert was born on January 20, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Holy Family Grammar School and was admitted to Holy Trinity High School on a full scholarship. After moving to Florida he attended the University of Florida. Returning to New York he went to New York University and was employed as an accountant at N.Y.U. Medical Center.

Robert was recruited by several securities companies on Wall Street, one of which he worked for a short time. Not being content with corporate politics and having an affinity for automotive related activities, he went to work for a local glass and lock service company as an apprentice. There he was taken under the wing of his mentor Bernie Weinstein, and he was taught the skills needed to succeed in his field. It is here where he met his partner Mark Heitner.

Bernie retired and it was time for Robert to move on. After several attempts to make it on his own, his mentor finally convinced him to team up with Mark and thus All Lock and Glass was created.

Robert and Mark bought a truck and a beeper and pooled together some money and started knocking on doors. Little by little they began to build a loyal customer base through their dedicated service, quality craftsmanship, reasonable pricing, and dependability.

Almost twenty years later they still provide the values that are the basis of their success.

Robert "Bobby Glass" as he is referred to in the industry, has earned the respect of his peers, customers and friends through his dedication to his profession, the society, several organizations and association, and his family.

He resides in Queens with his wife Sherrie and five children, Shawn, Elizabeth, Nicole, Jackie, and Robert.

Congratulations to "Our 1997 Member of the Year"

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