John Dozis

John was born in Salonica, Greece in 1940, At the age of fourteen, John and his family immigrated to Rio de Jenero, Brazil. During his years in Brazil he completed his formal education and learned the trade of the mechanic.

By the age of nineteen, John was already a fleet supervisor for a bus company and had four mechanics working under his supervision.

During the late sixties he started with Fink Baking Corp. as the night shift mechanic. Six month later he became foreman and later on a fleet supervisor, joining the Society at that time.

During the last six years, John became very active within the Society, serving as Membership Chairman during three different administrations. John has become one of the biggest supporters of the Scholarship Program and other educational related issues. Lately he concentrates most of his attention on the organization of the Society’s Annual Golf Classic, which through his efforts has become the largest fund raising event of the Society. Through his efforts the Scholarship Program has thrived. John continues to support the education of young people who show an interest in this industry as he realizes the desperate need for academically educated technicians.

John is also involved in real estate. During the last few years he made some very aggressive moves and was lucky enough to see them develop successfully.

His closest friends know that he is now preparing for the most important of his moves, concerning his personal life in which all of his friends wish him the best of luck.

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