Nuno Tardo

Nuno Tardo, if you didn't know, is not Italian. His heritage is Irish on his mother’s side, and Portuguese on his father’s. He was born in Mt. Vernon, New York in 1930, moved to Mulberry Street, then Elizabeth Street in lower Manhattan. Tough depression days then, but all who lived down there seemed to be in the same boat, so that most kids didn't know they were considered poor. They were tough times, but they promoted backbone and initiative for the survivors.

Nuno and his family survived. His father still looks good at 82, along with his ailing mother of 76 and two younger brothers and much younger sister.

Nuno went to school at P.S. 21 on Mott Street till 1943, then went to Commerce High School, he graduated in 1947 and then went to Pace University.

Gymnastics was Nuno's first love, for some twenty years, and as an all round performer won many competitive events throughout the United States. Today his sport is four-wall handball. Three mornings a week you can find him starting at 7 a.m., hitting the little hard Blue ball.

In 1952, after many varied jobs Nuno became a Parts Manager with Reo Motors, Inc. located on West 55th Street. He fell in love with the automotive parts business. White Motor Company, took Reo Motors over in 1956, and Nuno moved to West 48th Street, where Ken Mugge, Ralph Provisiero and Roger Tomassi all became fellow alumni and long time friends of Nuno.

Nuno then became a partner and founder of L.I. Reo Truck Co. in Woodside, His main job was supervising the service and parts business for some ten years. Unfortunately the business failed. He then joined Bronx Westchester White as Parts Manager. This company closed in 1976 and Nuno decided he would like to try Truck Sales, and for the last ten years has been selling Ford Trucks at Universal Ford, Inc. in Long Island City, New York. His past experiences have helped him to be well recognized and Nuno states, moderately successful. He loves selling trucks, and intends to do so as long as possible.

He has been married to Irene since 1958. Their offspring are two daughters, Janis and Lisa and two sons, Craig and David. Janis is a teacher, and is studying for her Masters degree, Lisa is a Supervisor with Goldome Bank, Craig is in his last year at Adelphi University and David just graduated High School. Irene has for the last year been teaching Nursery school children

Nuno has been a member of our Society for sixteen years. He was acting Secretary for both Ken Mugee and Mike lannizzi and for several years was Editor of our Society Newsletter.

Modestly, Nuno says no thanks are necessary for the Society for doing what he enjoyed, but rather offers his thanks for having him as a member.

Wrong! Nuno, we all are sincerely appreciative for having you as a member of our Society.

You are truly our "Man of the Year".

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