Hank Hasiwar

Henry Hasiwar's parents immigrated to the USA from Austria in 1910, and settled in the South Bronx. Hank was born there in 1917, acquiring his "street smart" skills while growing up in this rough and tough community. After graduating from the public schools in his neighborhood, Hank attended Columbia University, where he majored in Education.

Meanwhile, Hank's father founded Ohiolene Oil Corp. in the early 30's, after leaving the Gulf Oil Company. With the help of one driver, the elder Mr. Hasiwar worked diligently to establish his business. When Hank left Columbia University, he joined with his brother, Frank, in a combined effort to further the fortunes of Ohiolene Oil.

At the outbreak of World War 11, many small oil companies were forced out of business, but Hank's father persevered and survived. However, the times were too lean to support everyone, so Hank left the family business to take a position with the Ford Motor Company in Edgewater, New Jersey. At Ford, Hank was able to put his education to good use, and he became active in the AFL-CIO movement. This career was cut short when Hank enlisted in the Army. His tour of duty took him to Japan, where he served under General Douglas MacArthur as an advisor from the Supreme Command Allied Powers to the Japanese union movement. After being honorably discharged from the military, Hank moved to the West Coast and became a union organizer for the A.F.L.

Hank returned to Ohiolene Oil after his father's death in 1954, and together with his brother, Frank, built the Company up to the status it enjoys today.

In 1960, Hank, an opera tan, met a lovely lady named Marysa, who not only shares this same love, but also had been a performer in a number of opera companies. They were married that same year. It was a second marriage for both. They still maintain their season tickets to the Met, and they still sing a beautiful duet together. When they are not singing to each other, they sing the praises of their three delightful granddaughters, aged 10 to 13.

Along with all of Hank's activities, he has also managed to become one of the most visible members of the Fleet Supervisors. Since joining the Society in 1956, Hank has held the positions of Blood Bank Committee Chairman, Program Committee Chairman, Employment and Welfare Committee Chairman, Editor of the monthly Newsletter, and a Committee Member of most of the social functions and events the Society conducts. In addition, Hank has contributed his time and expertise to the Supervisors in their never-ending quest for upgrading the level of professionalism by sponsoring workshops and lectures. Hank's gentlemanly posture and his willingness to pitch-in and help whenever and however possible has earned him the respect and affection of his fellow-members, friends and business associates.

Hank's mother, who is 90 years of age, and unfortunately suffering ill health, must be extremely proud of her son, who truly deserves the honor bestowed upon him as "The Man of the Year" of our Society. It is our way of saying "thank you for a job well done".

Now Hank Sez "Okay, young members, it's your turn to pitch in, carry the ball, and help the Society grow".

Congratulations, Hank.

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