Kenneth Mugge

KENNETH MUGGE Our New Man of the Year 1983 was born in Queens New York, his father operated a Repair Garage back in the thirties; where Kenny got his start in the automotive field. He served in World War II in the 8th Air Force flying over the European battlefields. Married during World War II to "Vickie", they celebrated their 40th Anniversary this past November. Ken & Vickie raised a daughter "Gayle" who married, and like Kenny & Vickie celebrated her 1st anniversary of marriage that same week.

After service in World War II, Ken worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a mechanic, and was also very active in the Queens County American Legion, When the White Motor Truck Division opened up in New York City, back in the late Forties. Ken started on the night shift and worked his way up to service manager by the Sixties before leaving to take over at Turnpike Ford in New Jersey as service manager. While at Turnpike Ford as service manager, Ken worked and helped started up the "Northeast Heavy Duty Ford Truck Parts & Service Manager's Club." This Management Club brought service managers together, pooled their problems of the Ford Truck and taking them directly to the Ford Motor Company Management who did accept many of their suggestions. To date the Ford Management Club is still in existence. Ken is Past President of that Club and now acts as Advisor.

This Club help turn things around. For he's now operates as part time Service Manager and Turnpike Director of Customer Service, title he well earned.

Ken's hobbies are many, he is devoted to his community "Bellerose Terrace" Fire Department, he served as Volunteer Fireman, Chief and Chaplain and still when available runs after the Fire Engine. Ken's big love is his Antique Cars. He personally assembled and fabricated the antique car of his dreams. You can see Kenny sitting proud and smiling as he drives around in his creation of the Red Sport Car Vintage of 1900 called "Bugatti". It's a beauty.


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