Henry Consiglio

Have you ever met someone whom you were later asked to describe and had to respond, Well, there isn’t very much I can say about him?’

Well, we are sure that any one who has ever met Henry Consiglio will agree that in his case it is just the opposite. We cannot say enough about him within the space allotted to us, to adequately portray his dedication, loyalty, cooperativeness, affability and overwhelming concern for his fellow members in the Society. It will have to suffice to say that Henry is a beautiful human being, and we have never met anyone who disagreed with that.

His record speaks for itself. He joined the Society at Fleet Supervisors in 1957 and in the past 24 years has served as:

Chairman of the Welfare Committee
Chairman of the Entertainment Committee
Second Vice President for three years
President for two years
Chairman of Welfare and Employment
And now completing his second term as treasurer

To all of this he says, “it has been a great honor and privilege to me.”

What should we say???

Henry was born in Brooklyn (that explains it all) and his playground was his father’s garage-so he was born into the auto repair business.

His father passed away when he was only seven and it wasn’t easy for Henry growing up pretty much on his own. After finishing elementary school he attended the Brooklyn Technical and Vocational High School for boys.

Henry’s first real job was in an auto repair shop. He held several jobs going to work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Henry worked there for sixteen months during World War 11 before enlisting in the Navy.

After two and a half years serving in the South Pacific, working in the engine room of several ships, he was discharged and in 1945 went back to work at the Navy Yard. His heart was set on being an auto mechanic so when his cousin, Matt, offered him a job in his repair shop Henry jumped at the opportunity.

After four years he went to work for Robin & Schoobs, a good size trucking fleet. In nine months he was promoted to foreman, and subsequently was promoted (temporarily) to supervisor. This temporary appointment continued for eighteen years.

Some time during that period (he didn’t say when), Henry met and married Margaret and they were blessed with a son.

Henry wants everyone to know that it is Margaret who has always given him the confidence and encouragement to move ahead, Anyone who has met Margaret can understand why their love affair has lasted for these past twenty-two years.

After leaving Robin & Schoobes, Henry worked at Nassau-Suffolk White as assistant service manager and then went on to join the Transit Mix Corp. After three years on the second shift he saw no hope of moving onto the first shift so he went back to Robin & Schoobes taking up where he left off, and after four more years left again to join Maslin Transport. A year later, in December 1978, he joined Federal Express who is his present employer. His position as Fleet Supervisor for the New York Metro area covers six locations servicing two hundred vehicles.

Eighteen months ago Margaret and Henry’s son and daughter-in-law presented them with a granddaughter and Henry says that this just about fulfilled his life!

What should we say? We should say thank you, Henry Consiglio for giving us the privilege of knowing you and Margaret and affording us the honor of choosing you as “OUR MAN OF THE YEAR.”

Our sincere and best wishes for your continued health, happiness and success.

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