William Maher

As one of our Founding Fathers "Bill" Maher has worked very hard to help make our organization what it is today!

Bill has served as Secretary, President, Welfare Chairman and Entertainment Chairman. Even when not serving as a committee chairman, or filling a seat on the board, he has always taken an active interest in the Society.

Bill was born in New York City in the year (NA), but he sure doesn't look his age. After graduating Haaren High he attended Cornell University, School of Industrial Labor Relations. He also completed courses at the Psychological Corporation Workshop, The International Safety Academy in Macon, Ga. and the National Safety Council in Chicago. His major lines of study have centralized on Industrial, Chemical and Laboratory Safety. In fact, Bill is an outstanding authority on Safety - but that did not stop him from getting married in 1935.

In the town of Guttenberg, NJ Bill found a beautiful young country girl named Violet. How could he help it? The town is only four blocks long and two blocks wide. You couldn't miss anyone there!

With all of his Studies on Safety, they still managed to raise a lovely family of two daughters and a son; and they in turn presented Bill and Violet with six grandchildren who in turn (at the last census count) presented them with three great grandchildren. (Since I do not write very fast, this count could be entirely wrong by the time you read this).

Bill also travels a lot. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the far East with General MacArthur. This interrupted his employment at Water Service Laboratories, where he had taken a "temporary" position in 1940.

In 1969 Olin Corp. bought out Water Service Laboratories and the temporary position became a 40-year career.

Typically, Bill says that although he is eligible for retirement in 1980 he hopes to continue working as long as his health holds out.

Well, William Maher, if all the good wishes and gratitude that we, the members of the Society of Fleet Supervisors bestow upon you, you will be still working long after we retire!

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