This month please meet Matthew (Matt) Konig, an Associate Member since 2007.

Matt was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1945.  He attended Seton Hall Preparatory School and went on to attend the University of Tampa, majoring in Mortuary Science.  He decided that was not the vocation he wanted, so after two and one half years, he left the University.  Unfortunately, during the Vietnam War years, you could not avoid the draft if you were not enrolled in college, so upon receiving his notice he chose the United States Air Force.  Although he wanted to train as a pilot, he served as an Air Traffic Controller and Weather Observer during his four-year stint, and was discharged honorably as a Staff Sergeant.  

His years in the Air Force had great influence over his life’s direction, in that he chose to become an Air Traffic Controller.  Having performed these duties for 26 years, he retired in 2006; working first at JFK International Airport in the very first Common IFR Radar Room in the world, and then at Republic Airport.  He also worked hard to get his commercial pilot license, instrument and multi-engine ratings and was a bush pilot in Alaska prior to settling down.

Currently, Matt is a Regency Direct Jobber for AMSOIL.  A customer of AMSOIL since 1976, Matt registered as a Dealer Jan. 1977 to begin to build his own AMSOIL business because he saw a great business opportunity based on high quality lubricants with extended drain intervals and environmentally friendly characteristics.  Now his organization is large and strong, and he continues to sponsor new representatives into his organization, teach them and help them generate new commercial and retail accounts in order to build their businesses.  Matt has been a member of the Society of Tribologists and Lubricating Engineers and the SAE for 35 years.  He has also participated in several industry-related organizations on Long Island, such as Advancement for Commerce and Industry (board member), Hauppauge Industrial Association, LIMBA, NSLGA, APBA and AOPA.  Matt has been an Associate Member of the Society of Fleet Supervisors for seven years and has assisted our Scholarship Committee in conducting its’ interviews of Scholarship Candidates in years past.

Matt and his lovely wife of 42 years, Arlene, live in North Babylon, New York and have two sons.  Matthew Michael Konig is a college professor with a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy and Gregory Konig is a Computer Technician and Purchasing Manager at Ingenious Technologies in Smithtown NY.  Matt enjoys both car and off shore powerboat racing, having sponsored several teams throughout the years, and flying is still one of his interests.  

So, Matt, thanks for choosing synthetic oil over embalming fluid, because the oil is what brought you to the Society of Fleet Supervisors, and we’re happy to have you in our organization!



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