March 2012

Ralph Provisiero

Our Member of the Month is Life Member Ralph Provisiero, who has the distinction of starting out as a guest of our Society way back in the early 1950’s and subsequently joined our organization not long after. Ralph has served the Society in many capacities on the Executive Board and in any and all areas where his expertise and help were needed. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1917, Ralph never wandered far from his roots, the one exception being his four years in the military serving in The United States Army during WW II. He served in Africa, Sardinia, Corsica and Italy operating truck/tank support facilities.

Ralph attended New York Textile High School where he completed his studies in Power Maintenance. He continued his studies in Automotive Maintenance at Brooklyn Automotive High School and after returning home from active leave, Ralph worked with his father repairing and driving trucks in the family owned business.

After awhile, Ralph realized the need to diversify his mechanical background and accepted a position with a salvage company located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Later, when the White Motor Factory Branch opened in Manhattan, he accepted a position as truck mechanic working himself into the position of Foreman. After twenty-one years at Manhattan White, Ralph made a job change and joined Nassau/Suffolk White where he later was promoted to Service Manager.

With his wide and positive exposure in the industry, Ralph was a sort out “commodity” and as a result, fielded many job offers. Ralph accepted a job with Rheingold Brewery to maintain their fleet of equipment. As fate would have it, Rheingold ceased operations, which brought Ralph to Maislin Transportation Company where he was Fleet Manager until they too went insolvent. Soon after, Ralph landed a job with Manhattan Ford. Ralph used what he learned in the military and it became very apparent that Ralph knew how to give orders. So when Ken Mugge, Service Manager and a past President of our Society, needed someone who would command respect, he choose Ralph for the position of Foreman. He knew that Ralph knew how to get the job done. Many times one would see Ralph kicking the feet of a tech as they protruded from under a vehicle and telling them, “You’d better be awake under there and have that work finished on time!” He showed a hard shell on the outside but inside is a real Gentleman. Not long after, Ralph was promoted to Service Manager and continued his employ at Manhattan Ford until his retirement in July 1986.

Ralph and his wife Ann reside in Floral Park, New York and if you have been attending our General Meetings, you would have seen Ralph in attendance as well. 

We are so happy to have you back Ralph and we honor you as Member of the Month to show you that all your hard work and support is still appreciated these many years later! You have helped the Society to flourish and grow and we salute you for all your efforts. You exemplify what the Society is all about.

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