May 2011

Dennis Madden

This month’s Member of the Month goes back to the days of Jeantet’s Restaurant in Corona, when there were only 35 or so members and they were all active. He describes those days as “the days of iron men and wooden trucks”, but we all know he’s not THAT old. Dennis came to the Society in 1966, originally as a guest of his boss, Pete Abrams, of U S Trucking, himself a long time member. He was a full time night student at St John’s and worked full time days at the Woodside Overhaul Shop. It was an experience and he met many of our most “colorful” Members on a daily basis. He remembers Frank Eipper, Big Joe Schlesinger, Little Joe Schlesinger, a very young Carl Aronin, Hank Hasiwar and many others. He became a member of the Society in 1967, taking over as Chairman of the Program Committee, and has been an active member for the last 44 years.

Dennis followed Pete to Cummins Engine Co and stayed for the next 20 years, leaving in ’87 to join Carl Orza at H& D Transmission. He spent the next 14 years there, and in ’99 left to join Motive Engines in Port Washington as Sales Manager. He says this will be his last job and will retire from here.

Over the years, Dennis has held many jobs for the Society, up to and including President. He was born in Flushing NY, married the former Anne Lynch, moved to Commack after a brief stay in Middle Village and has been there for 41 years. They raised their four daughters, Tricia, Jacqueline, Maggie and Kim and have married three of them off. They have five grandchildren, all of whom live not very far away.

In his spare time, Dennis has run several political campaigns for friends in the Suffolk County Legislature and has even run for two elections himself as Republican Committeman. He spends as much time as possible with veterans in his capacity of Vice Commander of the American Legion Post in Greenlawn and he is founder and President of the Whitman’s Hollow Civic Association. He also enjoys golf and firearms and fancies himself a fair marksman at the Nassau County Range in Uniondale.

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