April 2011

Eric Rosario

Eric Rosario, Foreman/Supervisor for Atlantic Express, Inc. of Brooklyn, NY is our Member of the Month. Eric has been with Atlantic Express for 7 years. He oversees a staff of 17 mechanics, fuelers and cleaners in addition to all repairs, preventative maintenance and scheduling, DOT inspections and maintains the parts inventory for a 300 vehicle school bus fleet. He has worked as a mechanic for 16 years at Long Island Bus, Huntington Coach and Inter County Coach.

Born in 1970 in Astoria, NY, Eric was raised in Levittown, NY and graduated from Division Ave. High School in Levittown. He is married to his wife Shirley since 2003 and has two sons, seven year old Andrew and four year James. The Rosario’s currently reside in Levittown, NY.

His off hour activities includes ice hockey, playing for 16 years as a center and defenseman in Long Island Hockey leagues. He also coaches hockey for 12 year olds for a Levittown/Wantagh hockey league. Eric also enjoys motorcycling racing and pleasure riding and spending time with the family.

Eric has been an active Member of the Society since 2007 and volunteered to work on the Special Activities Committee.

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