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September 2010

Harold Cain

Our September Member of the Month is Harold Cain of Consolidated Bus Transit, one of New York’s most distinguished school bus operators.

Born in 1963 in Manhattan, Harry was raised in Manhattan and Bay Shore, NY. He graduated from St. John the Baptist High School and earned an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering from St. John’s University.

Harry was always fond of transportation and vehicles that moved products and services throughout the city and Long Island. In 1988 Harry joined UPS as a route driver and quickly rose through the ranks to become a supervisor managing a team of the world's finest professionals delivering parcels to both commercial and residential customers. After a stellar career Harry left in 2004 and joined Petro Oil as their on road delivery supervisor managing over 90 full time fuel oil driver personnel. At Petro his duties included route planning, monitoring driver appearance and behavior as well as ensuring delivery efficiency with outstanding customer service excellence.

When the opportunity at Consolidated arose Harry was delighted to join one of the most progressively growing transit organizations in the Northeast.  Harry manages a maintenance and utility staff in supporting a fleet of over 100 school buses and Para transit units his mission is delivering people on time every time! Harry's role in driver safety, parts procurement, vehicle maintenance and DOT certification help keep operations running smooth at all levels.

Harry and his lovely wife, Rose, and their children, Sean Patrick, Kaileen Rose, Molly Rose and Kadie Rose, live in Hauppauge, New York. Rose is a cancer survivor and is Harry’s true hero and inspiration as she is involved with the girl scouts and Hauppauge community. Harry enjoys fishing, golf, real estate, horse racing and girls’ softball. He was an assistant coach for a girls’ softball team and coach of the Hauppauge Travel Team. When Harry was a junior in high school, he was drafted as the 17th pick in the third round to play for the Atlanta Braves organization in 1981 until 1986.

Recently Harry has been selected to serve as our Membership Chairman where his contributions have already supported the growth of our organization with many new member grades. Harry has been a Member of the Society since 2009 and always been a can do professional. His commitment to serve has made him the pride of our Society representing all of us at Consolidated Bus.

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