May 2010

Anthony Borsellino

Our Member of the Month, Anthony Borsellino was born, raised and still resides in Middle Village, New York.  Anthony graduated from Grover Cleveland High School in June, 1977.

Anthony married Diane in June, 1981 and four years later they had their first son, Tony.  Soon after, Diane gave birth to their second son, Billy and in September, 1996, Diane and Anthony celebrated the birth of their third child, their daughter Kira.

Anthony has worked with various fleets over the past approximately thirty years.  First, Anthony held the position of Office Manager for Universal Spring from 1977-1979.  He later ran the Popular Uniforms fleet from 1979-1998 and then moved on to Cintas Uniforms where he ran their fleet from 1998-2007.

Since September, 2007, Anthony has been employed by Atlantic Express holding one of the most demanding, critical and pressure-filled positions in the automotive/fleet industry - Parts Manager.

As Parts Manager for Atlantic Express, Anthony is responsible for and not limited to stocking/ordering, inventory control of parts and issuance of purchase orders and their approval for thirty-two locations in the U.S.  Additionally, Anthony is solely responsible for the invoicing of all engine and transmission purchasing and repair company-wide.  As if that wasn’t enough to fill his day, Anthony is the Safety Coordinator of the Ridgewood Atlantic Express location where he has his office.

Anthony is a die hard NY Yankees fan who has been a Sunday Yankees season ticket holder since 1982.  In his spare time, Anthony coaches Little League Baseball and is an Assistant Coach for a girls’ basketball.  He was also a Boy Scout Leader.  As it is clearly evident, Anthony has a profound fondness for sports!  Some might call him a “sports-nut” but he’s not offended by that title.  As a mater-of-fact, Anthony holds a Black Belt in three styles of Martial Arts and both of his sons hold one Martial Arts Black Belt each.

Anthony’s oldest son Tony was a National Karate Champ who did a tour of duty with the U.S. Army and now attends Queensboro Community College with his younger brother Billy who was a Regional Karate Champ.  Kira, Anthony’s youngest child, will be starting high school in September.

Although our Member of the Month is a relatively new Member of the Society, it is easy to see that Anthony is the type of individual that will bring to our membership the drive, commitment and dedication that makes the Society of Fleet Supervisors relevant to our industry today!

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