March 2002

This month's featured Member is Stephen Genovese, Fleet Manager for Consolidated Bus Transit of Brooklyn, New York. Steve oversees the D.O.T. inspections, maintenance budget, parts purchasing and inventory and maintains a good relationship between dispatch and the shop for a fleet of over 1,100 school buses. He has 50 mechanics and 2 supervisors in the maintenance department. His confidence in the maintenance field is credited to his 12 years of practical experience in the school bus industry.

Steve started with Consolidated Bus in 1991 as a Dispatcher and then to Lead Dispatcher. He started to organize the fleet to improve the continuity between the shop and dispatch and this eventually lead him into the fleet maintenance end of the business. He credits fellow Members Mike Bruce and Stanley Clarke, both supervisors for Consolidated Bus Transit for their support. Without it he would not be able to do the job expected of him.

Steve was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in 1969. He graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School in 1986 and attended St. John's University. He married his wife, Jodi, in 1992 and has 3 children, Juliana, 7, Joseph, 5 and Sabrina, 3. They currently reside in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

Steve enjoys playing golf, participating in paintball war games, building model airplanes, spending time with his children and reading. He is a member of East New York Local Development Corp. (LDC) and helps maintain the neighborhood.

An active Member of the Society since 2000, Steve has served on the Special Activities Committee helping in organizing the Annual Golf Outing utilizing his golfing experience. It is good to see that we have young, energetic Members such as Steve who participate and help out to perpetuate the Society.


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