February 2001

New York City Department of Sanitation

Trying something different for a change, we are featuring a Fleet of the Month on New York City's Department of Sanitation. This is a fleet of over 5,600 pieces of equipment that moves over 13,000 tons of residential, industrial and recycled trash on a daily basis. If this fleet stops rolling, the trash starts piling up very quickly.

During the winter months, many of NYC's trash trucks serve double-duty as snowplows clearing 6,000 miles of streets and then go out to pick up the trash that the 7.5 million residents produce everyday. About 2,000 rear-loader garbage trucks are equipped with snowplows during the winter months.

NYCDS relies on an absolute mandatory preventative maintenance program that governs the fleet with a goal of "never to miss a PM." Vehicles that come in for a scheduled PM get a complete check from top to bottom to stop problems before they start.

The staff of the maintenance department consists of 900 personnel, of which 600 are mechanics. The mechanics work three shifts, with PM of vehicles done mostly on the night shift. Major repairs and heavy-duty maintenance are done on the day shift. They maintain 88 different vehicle configurations along with 77 different types of non-motorized equipment. Department vehicle engineers get feedback from 6,900 uniformed workers, drivers and supervisors then work with truck manufacturers and garbage truck body builders to produce a better truck. The majority of the fleet consists of Mack Truck chassis keeping issues such as parts inventory management easier to handle.

The Sanitation Department utilizes 59 district shops to perform 80% to 85% of all repairs from PM's, brake jobs, minor repairs, etc. There are five central shops, one in each borough to perform major repairs. The main focus of the Central Repair Shop (CRS) is the rebuilding of components in specialized repair shops and support of field operations. Within CRS, several specialized shops perform major jobs such as: upgrades and transmission replacements; special projects; structural vehicle damage repair; light duty vehicle servicing; rebuilding of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, steering boxes, and other vehicle components; rebuilding of the heavy duty engines and transmissions. Other specialized shops located at CRS include: the Tire Shop, Machine Shop, Radiator Shop, Upholstery Shop and the Forge/Tractor Shop.

Out of a yearly budget of $900 million, $700 million is devoted to equipment. NYCDS spends approximately $80 million a year in new equipment and maintain $24 million in parts inventory. Garbage trucks are on a seven-year replacement cycle.


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