November 2000

This month's Member of the Month goes back to the days of Jeantet's Restaurant in Corona, when there were only 35 or so members and they were ALL active. He describes those days fondly as "THE DAYS OF IRON MEN AND WOODEN TRUCKS", but we all know he's not that old!

Dennis came to the Society in 1966, originally as the guest of his boss at U. S. Trucking, Pete Abrams, himself a long time Member, and was drawn in by the activity of the group and their concern for the industry. He was a full time night student at St. John's University and worked full time days at the Woodside overhaul shop. The job began as a clerical one, but Pete kept getting him more involved with the equipment and he enjoyed the work and the surroundings. It was an experience, he recalls, dealing with the " colorful " people who came and went on a daily basis. He remembers Frank Eipper, Big Joe Schlesinger, Little Joe Schlesinger, a much younger Carl Aronin and many others. He decided this would be his career path and Pete sponsored him for Membership in 1967.

He followed Pete to Cummins Engine Co. and stayed for the next 20 years, handling jobs from Service Dept. clerk, through the Parts Dept., as Parts and Service Manager out at the Plainview location and then as Branch Manager of the facility. He maintained his Membership, though not always active, because he loves this organization. In 1987, he went with H-an-D Transmission as a field salesman for Carl Orza, and stayed until 1999 when he moved to his current "home" at MOTIVE ENGINE in Port Washington, as Sales Manager. He says this will be his last job and plans on being here a long time.

Over the years, Dennis has held lots of jobs with the Society, almost every one, he says, except President. He ran for the office, many years ago but lost the election to Lou Balazs, who, he says, made a better President than he could have!

Dennis was born and raised in Flushing, NY, married the former Anne Lynch, moved to Commack after a short stay in Middle Village, and has been there for the last 30 years. They have raised four daughters, Tricia, Jacqueline, Margaret and Kimberlee, and have married two off to date. He has not only been busy at work and at home, but has spent his free time as a Republican Committeeman in the Town of Huntington, successfully managed three elections for a local Legislator in Suffolk, was the Founder and President of the Whitman's Hollow Civic Association in his neighborhood. He currently spends as much time as possible on the golf course working on his game with some of our Members and many of his friends. He looks forward to growing old with us and helping the Society prosper.


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