Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 6 PM Cocktail Hour & 7 PM Dinner and Meeting

New location for meeting:

201-10 Cross Island Parkway Bayside, NY 11360
(718) 352-2300
Vivaldi Restaurant


Our feature presenter for November is Joseph Long, Director of Heavy Duty Business Development for Old World Industries distributors of Diesel Exhaust Fluids and Coolant products nationally. Joe will be discussing DEF applications for medium and heavy duty trucks and advantaged of fleets in using SCR technology. He will review the product specifications, properties & handling guidelines for commercial vehicle applications. Joe will reference DEF consumption use related to fuel ratios as well dosages rates for the various engine manufacturers.

The Society would like to express our sincere appreciation to Joe and his team for accepting our invitation to speak to our membership.

As discussed please reach out to me with any and all industry specific topics that would interest you in the months ahead. Our goal is to bring the Society the most educational information possible to assist you in managing your fleet operations.

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